ACOUSTIC GUITAR ACCESSORIES – These Are The Main Guitar Accessories Every Guitarist Needs?

There are tons of gadgets for guitarists today, and these gadgets help them out in terms of sound, ease of play, repairs, and improved performance. There are tons of accessories to choose from, and they are made by different companies. So it is best to know the necessary accessories to use and a suitable brand for each one of them.


Acoustic Guitar Accessories


The Leading Acoustic Guitar Accessories


Guitar cases are designed to protect the guitar from damages when not in use. They are usually made of hard materials to form a protective layer that is hard enough to withstand wear and tear. Guitar bags, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to carry around. They do not offer as much protection as the cases and are more likely to tear with increased use.

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What this does is that it helps the player transpose a song to make playing the song easier. It is a great piece of equipment especially for beginners because it helps reduce the number of chords the player has to play for any given song. Getting a capo doesn’t require any special market skills. With a few bucks, you can get a nice capo.

However, you would need at least $10 or more to get a capo that would last you for years and get the job done well. a cheap capo might not apply equal pressure to the strings as required.

In some cases, these cheap capos might lead to some buzzing sounds. So a great product to consider is the Kyser KG6B 6 String Capo. Get it, and use it for years!

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The most common type of strings for acoustic guitars are the 80/20 bronze string and phosphor bronze string. The former is quite bright in sound, while the latter produces a much warmer and mellow tone.

This depends on the discretion of the guitarist, and the difference might not matter much to an amateur. One of the recommendable products here is the Elixir Acoustic Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB. These are believed to be the best in terms of sound and durability.

They have a special coating to prevent dirt from getting into the individual windings of the string – this retains the sound and quality of the string for much longer than usual.

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We all know how invaluable guitar stands are, and how they have saved and protected guitars for decades.

They prevent the guitar from falling over and getting damaged. This is a better option than setting your guitar on the wall and having nothing to hold it upright. If your guitar falls, there may be some adjustments on the headstock that would require urgent repairs.

This is why you should get a product like the On-Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand. It is inexpensive and a very good option for a guitar stand. It is very simple to use and comes with a security strap to hold the neck of the guitar in place. The security strap prevents the guitar from tripping out of the smashing on the floor if it gets bumped on mistakenly.

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There is no guitarist that doesn’t know that a guitar pick is and its function. What most don’t know is how to spot a good quality pick. But first, there are picks of different materials and thicknesses.

The material required by the player is based solely on the player’s discretion. However, players who love strumming should go for thinner picks. This is because thinner picks are more flexible, and tend to allow easier and faster movement than thick picks. Thicker picks work great in solos – this is because they are stiff enough to apply the required pressure to a single string without sliding off to the next string.

Players that do not know the string they need should try the Dunlop Tortex Picks .73mm (12 pack). This pick is the middle thickness point for all picks.
Probably one of the most used Acoustic Guitar Accessories in the world.

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A very crucial part of playing the acoustic guitar is tuning. Tuning your strings properly would go a long way to boost your sound quality. So if you are interested in improving your sound quality, then you should learn types of tuners you can find. There are acoustic and electric type tuners.

The electric tuners are the most common ones these days, and one of the best electric tuners is the Korg GA1 Guitar and Bass Tuner. It is not the latest tuner, but it has a number of features that even some modern new model tuners don’t have. Some of its features are its preciseness, and ability to send out tones so that the player can tune by ear. You can even plug the tuner directly to the instrument if there is a lot of noise in the background.

This feature is the standout feature of the tuner because tuning by ear when there is background noise can throw the needle of the tuner off.

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Playing the guitar while standing up can never be easy. This is one of the reasons why a guitar strap can’t be overlooked by players that get a lot of live gigs. A strap allows the player to hold the guitar up to play while standing.

The interesting part about stands is that they can be adjusted to whatever height the player prefers. There are tons of straps in the market today. If you are interested in the cheap ones, you can go for the Ernie Ball Black Guitar Strap. Else, you can go for the leather straps as they are more durable and comfortable than the cheap ones.



The right tools are required to change the strings of the guitar. These tools include the string winder and string cutter. Under normal conditions, guitar strings are longer than needed, and players usually have to wound the strings on the tuning pegs more than need to get it to tighten.

Once you get your string to sit, you can chip off some of the excesses by using the string cutter. One other problem in changing string is winding the string. This is why there is something called the string winder to make things easier.

It turns the strings faster than if done by hand, and it allows the player to get under the pins of the bridge to pop them out with ease. String winders are way cheaper in comparison to string cutters, but getting both would be a great investment. Cleaning materials for your musical instrument include soft cloth, polish, and a humidifier.


There are of course many more  Acoustic Guitar Accessories but we have covered the main ones that every guitarist will need.

More Acoustic Guitar Accessories To Come Soon.



What good are all these Acoustic Guitar Accessories if you don’t own a guitar yet? So, if you are still searching for your first acoustic or looking to upgrade that move on to this great post which will help you find a great Acoustic Guitars For Beginners.