The Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar – A Review of An Excellent Instrument At A Bargain Price!

This in-depth review will take you through the Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this acoustic-electric is the one for you.

So, if you are looking for a great quality affordable instrument without Compromising on the quality? This Ibanez guitar Is The Recommended Choice…


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Why Buy The Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar?

Ibanez V70CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar BlackThere are lots and lots of guitars that in the below $200 price range, and the thing is that it gets harder to select the best one among them. Normally, cheap guitars are not really reliable, but we stumbled on one that has a lot of controversy around it. The Ibanez V70CE is an affordable guitar.

Some might call it entry-level, but what it brings to the table is quite astonishing, to say the least.

Whether you are a beginner looking for an acoustic-electric guitar to use for the first time or you just want something you can use for the meantime, this is the best option for you!

You can practice with it, jam with it, and even perform live with it. Seriously, this is a fun acoustic-electric guitar that you can add to your collection.




Who Makes The Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar?

It is an acoustic-electric with acoustic guitar traits designed by a Japanese brand that has been in the game for quite some time – decades!

If you are still not convinced of the quality of this guitar, maybe the experience of the brand that produces it might convince you.

There are a lot of players that love this guitar, and it is no surprise there are a lot of positive reviews of it online by verified and satisfied customers.

There are a lot of Ibanez enthusiastic who are passionate about this particular instrument. Let us take a closer look at why it is also loved by many of players.


Body and Neck

First of all, we would focus on its body and neck. The body is a full sized guitar with a dreadnought shape; a shape that a lot of beginners and professionals love! It also has a cutaway on the treble side.

This doesn’t affect its sound negatively or its durability as it is made with laminated select spruce on the top, while its back and sides are made with mahogany. This all work together to make a strong guitar with powerful sound production.


Color Types

You can even select from a two-color types – the blueburst type and the sophisticated black type and many more. Both color types are glossy though, and look a bit deeper than they appear in the pictures of most online stores.

There some other parts like the multi-ring rosette and the ivory colored plastic bindings. These parts add the finishing touch that makes this guitar look very attractive. The neck, however, is made of mahogany, and it has a 1 11/16” nut width, the fretboard is made with rosewood, and it consists of 20 frets.

For a guitar at around the $200 price range, this is a very solid piece of equipment.

It doesn’t even look cheap in any way, and it feels better than its counterparts of the same price.


The Hardware

The next thing to consider is the hardware. For an acoustic-electric guitar of a low price point, this is one comes with a number of active and remarkable parts. For one, there is an Ibanez AEQ200 preamp and an unsaddle pickup.

This combination of parts is perfect for beginners; it is very simple and friendly for beginners to use. It even has EQ controls that come in three sliders – one is for controlling the volume, another is for bass, and the third is for treble control.



Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar Pros

Design: comes in two different color options with a glossy finish

Durable: built with durable parts

Electronics: comes with a multiband EQ and preamp

Sound: good quality sound for a low price range

Size: nice standard sized guitar



  • Built-in EQ possess two bands
  • There are some fret buzz noises during play every now and then



The Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar Guarantee

This is one durable guitar with a lot to offer for just $200. However, we can’t act like it doesn’t have some flaws. There is some fret buzz every now and then, but the sound is still amazing either way.

The electronics also allow you to perform with clarity especially when you are a studio or some live performances. It is even possible to use the guitar to its full potential at campfires, bars, and night clubs, and any other small platform you can think of.



There are tons of other guitars that can perform as well as this one. Although no two guitars are the same, and one should not ignore the pros of this guitar over the cons.


The Jameson Thinline Guitar

Jameson Guitars Full Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar body

But if you still need an alternative, you should check the Jameson Thinline. This alternative is a good second option if you feel that this guitar is not good enough. It is cheap and also offers some good features.

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Jameson Full Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar


The Ibanez Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric

Ibanez AW54CEOPN Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar body

You can also take a closer look at this other Ibanez Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric which also a great instrument with an affordable price tag for the beginner guitarist.

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Ibanez AW54CEOPN Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar



Verified Customer Reviews

I can hardly believe that you can find a better new electric acoustic guitar for 200$

I give 5 stars for the guitar & price.

I can hardly believe that you can find a better new electric acoustic guitar for 200$.

Yes, you can find a better used one. But most likely, this one will still be comparable.


I like the neck of the guitar. Pretty good in the hand.

Also, it stays tuned for long.

What it is important for me, strings don’t rattle even if I play 2-3 halftones lower.




If you are looking for an affordable, well designed, high-quality guitar then this Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar is a really great buy.

There aren’t many acoustic electrics at this price range which is why this is a great choice for a beginner to intermediate player.

An Acoustic-Electric Guitar On A Budget

That being said, you can also buy more expensive musical instruments, depending on your budget of course but, that does not necessarily mean you will get better sound output.


Check out the main product page on Amazon using the button below and take a closer look at this great instrument before you decide if it suits your needs.

Ibanez V70CE Acoustic Electric Guitar