What Is An Acoustic Guitar Kit?

Before getting an acoustic guitar kit, you should do a bit of researching, planning, and meeting a lot of professionals that have used the kit before.

One of the major things to consider is the main reason why you are building the kit – are you building it to save money? Or to align the guitar to meet your taste? These are some of the many questions you should ask yourself before embarking on this journey.

With your reasons known, you can easily decide the kit that best suits the kind of guitar you are looking for.




Is An Acoustic Guitar Kit For Me?

There are kits for first-time builders, and they are designed to be very easy to build in comparison to other types of kits. They only require a few clamping and fretwork, unlike the more complicated ones for those that are not new to the acoustic guitar kit assembling process.

acoustic guitar kit DIYTo start the building process, you should create a vision. This is because you are customizing the guitar to your taste, so you have to have a base diagram in your head before starting the process.

Just don’t worry too much if you do not end up with the product design you had in your head.

This is because you are going to make a lot of adjustments before you finish the product. Almost all the kits you would find in the market is like the classic Martin model. This is why your base idea or diagram should be a dreadnought, OOO, or OM shape.

The types of wood you would also find include rosewood and mahogany backs with a spruce top.

A lot of kits usually come with either a bolt-on neck or a dovetail joint. A bolt-on neck is usually easier to set correctly during your first try building the kit.


Which Parts Do I Need for the Acoustic Guitar Kit?

If you are going to get a kit, then you should get one that has all the parts you need to complete the building process.

These parts include a:

  • Pre-shaped machined neck
  • Sides
  • Bindings


The shaped braces should also include the gluing locations both on the top and bottom to make assembling easier. Even some manufacturers produce kits that do not have much assembling involved. However, you should consider getting an advanced kit if you already have experience building a basic kit.


There are several advanced kits in the market, and you should check all the parts included in the kit. Some kits include some hardware while some don’t. So ensure to make your choice accordingly. The types of finishing materials and adhesives you would use should also be budgeted.


How Much Does An Acoustic Guitar Kit cost?

Going for cheap products would only be acceptable if you are a beginner. This is because it would be foolish to try out something new on an expensive kit.

This is why you should budget at least $400 for any kit acoustic guitar kit for beginners you might want to purchase. However, this depends on the supplier and the materials used, and you would also have to consider another $100 for the finishing materials.

Tools are also important and would cost you to spend more if you don’t have them. That being said, there is nothing like building your own musical instruments especially if you are going to use it once it is constructed.





Whether you own an acoustic or have built one yourself, you may also want to know more about the accessories that you may need. In the following post, we have covered all the main Acoustic Guitar Accessories that you will ever need as a guitarist.

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