How Much Does An Acoustic Guitar Cost?

Since there is a need to play the guitar, there is going to be a price tag to indicate the value of the instrument. Since quality, style, and price differ these days, it would be very difficult to assume a specific price for all guitars.

This is because the $200 Yamaha FG800 can never be compared to the $2,500 Martin D-18, although they are both great guitars for their price range.

It is important to note that guitars that are regarded as good tend to share a lot of similarities. One of these similarities is playability. Guitars should be easy and comfortable to play regardless of the finishing material. The action required to play the guitar should be low, but not too low to cause the frets to buzz.




What Should I Look for When Checking Out Acoustic Guitar Prices?

No matter the price of the guitar; $100 or $1,000, the body and craftsmanship should feel like it is worth the money. If you looked closely, you would have noticed that budget guitar models are usually made of laminated wood, unlike the expensive models that are made with solid wood and other exotic materials to boost quality.

However, a good budget guitar should be laminated properly, securely and cleanly without leaving residues of excess glue and rough spots. To be honest, even a budget guitar would feel great for its price! There is also a need for the components of a good acoustic guitar to properly.

An expensive guitar with tuning keys that are not easy to turn and do not hold tunings well, should not be purchased.

A good guitar should always be reliable regardless of its price.


What Are The Best Acoustic Guitar Prices?

Since we have clarified that good is not based on price but on the quality of the work done on the guitar, it is a very tough question to answer. This is because there are lots of good budget and high-end guitars in the market, and they all come in different price ranges.

A beginner guitar should not be more than $150 to $300. Any budget acoustic guitar in this price range should be able to deliver you a nice tone with great playability for that price range. At least, it should be good enough to motivate you always to want to play it.

The funny thing we may not have taken seriously is that most players take the term ‘good’ guitar to mean a very expensive one. This is not true, as we have already clarified, as the expensive guitars are guitars that suit experienced players well enough to serve on stage and during practice.


Acoustic Guitar Prices Conclusion

An acoustic guitar in this category is regarded as a high-end guitar or premium model guitar. It would consist of solid top wood with a very attractive design, and a great craftsmanship quality loaded with a lot of durable components.

This kind of guitar would cost you above $300, although there are some that are more than $2,000 in price! All in all, any guitar in this price range should be more reliable than a budget acoustic guitar.

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There is also another alternative to buying an acoustic and that is building your own with a guitar kit. It may cost the same as a basic one but it is so much fun building your own. Read more on this in the following post: Acoustic Guitar Kit.