Which Is a Better Choice – The Acoustic Guitar or the Classical Guitar

Classical vs Acoustic Guitar

Classical and acoustic guitars are both wonderful musical instruments, but it seems you are only in need of the better one of the two.

There is no denying that there are differences, but the truth is that you might find the two more appealing than you used to before you read this article. So if you don’t mind, and you want to know anyway, let’s go for a ride!




Acoustic vs Classical Guitar Differences


Acoustic vs Classical Guitar Fretboard – From taking a good look at the two, there is no doubt that the fretboard of the classical guitar is a lot wider than that of the acoustic. The space between the strings makes it quite easier to solo.

However, this is dependent on the finger work of the player. Another thing about classical guitars is that they usually do not have fret markers on the fingerboard. This might be a reason to consider an acoustic if you are a beginner.




Acoustic vs Classical Guitar Shape – This is a very evident difference, and it is clear that the acoustic guitar comes in a dreadnought shape. This makes the acoustic larger than the classical guitar. Although, there are rarely cutaways on acoustic guitars than on classical guitars.




Acoustic vs Classical Guitar Prices – Classical guitars are quite cheaper than acoustic guitars, and this is another reason that makes them suitable for beginners to start with.




Acoustic vs Classical Guitar Steel StringThe acoustic guitar uses steel strings while the classical guitar uses nylon strings. Both instruments are acoustic in nature, and this must not be mistaken in any way! However, their differences are evident.

The nylon strings on a classical guitar are quite thicker and warmer than the acoustic guitar strings. The steel strings of the acoustic guitar are quite bright and twangy – they resonate longer than a classic guitar nylon string.

One other obvious difference is the way they feel. The nylon strings are thicker than steel strings. The treble strings of the classical guitar are made of nylon, while the bass strings are metal with nylon cores. Sometimes they use a nylon winding technique to produce these bass strings for the classical guitar.

All in all, nylon strings are more comfortable to play for beginners, and this is why acoustic guitars are recommended for beginners who prefer to play with their fingers.

The modern acoustic guitar is called the “steel string acoustic” and feels different from the nylon string. They are made with a large number of materials such as nickel and bronze.

They are very similar to the strings of electric guitars, although electric guitar strings are thinner and sharper on the fingers.




A lot of people might take preference in the shape and the strings of both guitars, but a huge decider is the sound of the instruments – This is in terms of music genre. Those that love the Flamenco would definitely prefer the classical guitar, and this is indeed the best option for them.

This is because it is the main type of guitar musicians in that genre use, if not the only type. To be honest, acoustic guitars are the most common type of guitar in the music industry today, although both acoustic and classical are used.

To clarify this, imagine how it would sound if “Yesterday” by the Beatles was played with a classical guitar! All the energy in the song would drop dead! So on the basis of the music genre, you should stick to whichever guitar your genre falls under.

Those that are already learning with the classical guitar should not panic. With time, there would be a natural progression from classical to the acoustic guitar and vice versa.



Acoustic vs Classical Guitar – Which Guitar Is The Best One For Me To Buy?

Those that love Spanish music or the sounds of the Flamenco should go for the classical guitar. It is a cheaper alternative to learn the basics of guitar playing, and it is easier to carry than the acoustic guitar.

There are tons of classical guitars in the market, although they are more expensive than the acoustic guitars on average. Guitars like the Redwood CG-212 Half-Size Classical Guitar is the best option for those that do not have a lot in their budget.

This guitar has a solid hardwood body and nylon strings to create a comfortable play that is full of energy. There are other scale sizes of this guitar, but it is preferable the player masters playing this one before moving to larger sizes.

Another good option is the Merida Trajan T5 classical guitar. It is known to last longer than most guitars – even up to a lifetime! It takes a long time to wear and sounds greater than it looks!





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