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best acoustic guitar brands - a sunburst colored acoustic guitar

There are some brands of acoustic guitars that you might be familiar with, and there is no doubt that you admire these brands.

Go ahead and read our guide, if you have read lots of reviews and you are still not satisfied with the info you see, then you are at the right place.

It is better to know every possible thing about a product you want to spend your money on, than buying from just hear-say.




Which Are The Top Acoustic Guitar Brands?

So let us take a look at some of the best acoustic guitar brands.


Epiphone DR 100 Acoustic Guitar Vintage Sunburst
Epiphone DR 100 Acoustic Guitar Vintage Sunburst

This is one of the oldest brands in the business today. They boast of over 150 years in the business, and their innovation makes them stand out among their peers.

There are a lot of vintage designs, and their new designs are nothing far from their classic designs. To say the least, getting any one of their products assures you of a lifetime guarantee.

The products are innovative, and have now become one with the Gibson brand – Epiphone now owns Gibson. This means that they can now use Gibson’s designs and specifications to make a variety of products.





This is one of the brands you would find in countless hit songs. This guitar brand is known for its high-end products, although they also make products for other budget levels.

They pride in giving the best, and this is clear because their best products did well to make it to the top. If you want to know what their best products feel like, then try Martin’s new 17 Series – you will get the meaning of Martin quality.

Martin brand is known for the dreadnoughts shapes of their guitars. This is the best choice especially for players of folk and bluegrass music.



Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor, BT2, Mahogany, Natural
Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor-BT2 (Amazon)

This brand is the innovation of Bob Taylor, and they have crafted acoustic guitars know to be very easy to play for decades.

One other remarkable property of their product is the cutting-edge craftsmanship – it is something that differs them from most other guitars. If you want to try the best of the Taylor brand, then you should have about $2,000 plus.

This is the price range of their products they are known for, although they also have some budget-oriented set of products.

Players that love dynamics would love this acoustic guitar brand because their products are also known for their superb neck and fretboard construction – they have slim necks on ebony fretboards, and it couldn’t get any better than that!




Fender FA-100 Sunburst Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Fender FA-100 Sunburst

If you are a fan of the Stratocaster and Telecaster designs of guitars, then you should know about Fender.

They are the go-to brand for acoustic guitars, and they have a lot of users in their community.

This is why purchasing a Fender guitar is more of joining a community than purchasing a guitar. It is believed that most well-known musicians use a Fender guitar.

Their guitars are one of the biggest in the industry, and it is not surprising to find that a lot of celebrity guitar players use their product.

This is another reason why you can count on Fender for a wide range of guitar accessories.




Best Acoustic Guitar Brands for the Beginner Guitarist

These reviews are for the 4 top acoustic guitar brands for beginners, these are all very well priced and affordable, and they are made of quality materials and produce great sounds.

That being said, the following is a list of other great acoustic guitar brands which are very popular and can also be a great choice for the beginner guitarist.


  • Fender
  • Taylor Guitars
  • Yamaha
  • Jasmine
  • Oscar Schmidt
  • Crescent
  • Epiphone
  • Jameson Guitars




Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Conclusion

As you can clearly see, there are many different types of acoustic guitars for you to choose from. That being said, it mostly depends on the budget you have.

There are excellent beginner acoustic guitars made of quality materials and have a great sound output to them all packed with a great and affordable price tag.

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