Why Choose Nylon Strings for An Acoustic Guitar?

There are a number of things most guitarists don’t know about the classical guitar. In a lot of cases, it is fear of the unknown that causes a number of guitarists to shy away. Which is why we are going to open your eyes on the basics of the nylon string acoustic classical guitar.


Advantages of The Nylon Strings On An Acoustic Guitar

nylon string acoustic guitarThe nylon string acoustic guitar is basically a guitar with nylon strings. It produces a softer tune than the conventional steel string acoustic guitar.

Its softness even extends to the fretboard as the acoustic guitar with steel strings usually gets tough on the fingers especially at the early stages of learning the instrument.

Nylon strings do not require you to develop calluses as they are easier on your fingertips. These strings make fingerpicking and pressing the fretboard easy on the fingers than steel strings.

One other advantage of the nylon strings of the classical guitar is the fact that you don’t have to use picks. It is a major reason why some amateurs consider the classical guitar over the acoustic guitar.




Why use a single pick when you can just use your entire hand – your five fingers! There is no limit to using your fingers over a pick – you can play two or more strings simultaneously to create an orchestral-like effect.

Fans of Gretchen Menn would know about this effect with the use of hands as it is something he is fond of using.

This, in turn, means that the classical guitar is more versatile than the acoustic guitar. It is believed that a classical guitar would sound like a duet of guitars if a professional plays a song using the orchestral effect.


Now, a lot of people might be skeptical about the dual tones and might prefer sticking to picks. However, you might have a change of heart if you consider the body of the classical nylon string acoustic guitar although there are a lot of parts absent on this guitar such as fret markers, a cutaway, and even strap buttons.

What it brings to the table is way beyond the markers and cutaways. Carrying this guitar, you would notice that it is more lightweight than the acoustic steel string guitar.

Its top is thinner and smaller flexible braces, even though it works with the same principle as the steels string guitar. All that matters is that it is still strong enough to hold the strings in place and flexible enough to vibrate when strumming the strings.


Key Features of the Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

One other key feature of the classical nylon string guitar is its wider neck. With this type of neck, it is easy for the player to avoid stroking the neighboring strings especially during solos and executing some intricate chord shapes. This does not mean that fingerpicking on an acoustic steel string guitar is impossible – the point is that it is much easier to do on a classical guitar due to the added space between the strings.

All these features make the classical nylon string acoustic guitar an excellent musical instrument and a very good option for a beginners first guitar, and you should consider getting one even though you already have a steel string acoustic guitar.




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