Why Choose The Steel String Acoustic Guitar?

The steel string acoustic guitar is one of the most popular guitars in use today.

Main Features

It is used in almost all genres of the music industry today due to its unique tone and versatility. For the purpose of this article, we are going to give the major features of the steel string acoustic guitar to ensure that you have a solid reason to get one for yourself.

The Main Difference Between Nylon & Steel Strings

First of all, the steel string acoustic guitar has strings made of steel; mostly bronze and a mixture of other metals. This is the major difference between the steel string and the classical nylon string guitar.

Although, they are both acoustic guitars. The major difference has been mentioned above, so it’s time to dig into the features of the acoustic guitar.

The Main Advantage

One of the things that make the steel-string more popular than the nylon string is its versatility. It is used in almost every genre of music today, and can even serve to an acceptable level in genres like flamenco, classical, and folk, that are the strong points of the classical nylon string guitar. The major genres of the steel-string acoustic guitar include rock, country, and bluegrass.




Do you Need A Pick To Play With Steel Strings?

There is no limit to the steel string acoustic guitar, and the fact that it can be played with both hands and picks makes it even better. The classical nylon string acoustic guitar can only be played with fingers because it has no pickguard and its strings are made of nylon.

This is a limitation, especially to a player that likes switching between fingerpicking and playing with a pick.

You should note that guitars without a pickguard can’t be played with a pick because it would quickly get damaged by using a pick on it – but this is not the case of the acoustic steel string guitar. Steel string guitars come with a pickguard to protect the body of the guitar from the damages that using a pick might cause.

One of the differences between a steel string acoustic guitar and a classical guitar is their respective size. They both have slotted headstocks with pegs that the strings are attached — however, the steel string acoustic guitar has a larger body than the classical nylon string guitar.

Even the strings are larger than that of the nylon string guitar, and they are attached to the bridge using the bridge pins. The nylon strings are tied to the bridge and are at risk of loosening randomly if not tied properly.


So, should you get a steel string acoustic guitar?

If you are a beginner, then this would be a tough question to answer. This is because a nylon string guitar would be less hurtful to your fingers.

Yet, there is no denying that your fingers would take time to adjust to the steel string guitar as there are many players today that can play the steel string guitar perfectly with their fingers.

However, the best answer to the question above is yes. A steel string guitar is more versatile and is used in a lot of music genres today. It would give you a great boost in your play!





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