Which Guitar String Produces A better Sound? – Steel vs Nylon

Steel String Guitar vs NylonThere are a lot of misconceptions about the steel string and the nylon string guitars.

One of the most common misconceptions is that beginners should start learning with classical nylon string acoustic guitars because it would be easier on the fingers than steel strings – this is not entirely true.

This is why we are going to clarify the differences between the two guitars.


The choice of guitar between the two is based solely on your musical preference. This is why we have put this piece together to give you nothing but an unbiased clarification of the two guitars.



Nylon string guitars are the traditional type guitars and are used for classical music. However, you can also use the mellow tone of the nylon string guitar for music styles such as folk and flamenco. Steel strings are used commonly in rock and country music settings.

It can also serve in other forms of music but depends on the choice of the player. It has a crisp and bright tone in comparison to the warm tone the nylon string produces. To tell the difference in sound between the two, try listening to different recording artists that use the two in order to spot the differences.




This is one of the similarities between the two guitars. Every new guitar you buy must be adjusted. This is because most of the new guitars produced today are sold right out of the box. A majority of them are not properly adjusted for easy playing.

This is why you have to understand the basic parts of both guitars before purchasing or immediately after purchasing any of them. Their adjustments involve different procedures and parts, so consider the guitar you are more familiar with before rushing to buy one.




To break this down to the simplest, there is no guitar that won’t make the fingers sore over time. Either playing on nylon or steel strings would make the fingers sore and tender. However, all you need is a little more time for your fingers to get used to them and you would be fine. With that being said, we have to point out the differences.

Nylon strings are made of softer materials and do not cause a lot of tension on the fingers like steel strings. This is why they are easier to push up and down with the fret fingers when adding some effects to the song.

The thing with steel strings is that they are under high tension and they are made with metal. This makes them harder to push up and down, unlike nylon strings.

Although, both guitars can be pushed with proper adjustment and expertise of the player.




The thing with nylon strings is that they need frequent tuning because they go out of tune easily. This is due to humidity and temperature changes. Steel strings are stable than nylon strings because they are made of metal.

They are not completely immune to humidity and temperature changes, but can still stay in tune longer than nylon strings.


So, now you know all about the strings you can read more on Nylon String Acoustic Guitar. You may also want to check out The Musical Instruments main page where we cover dozens of other instruments.


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