Yamaha JR1 6-string 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar – A Bundle Packed Beginners Kit

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This Yamaha JR1 acoustic guitar is one of the best beginner guitars on the market today.

With its very comfortable and affordable price tag, you will also get a bundle kit full of free accessories saving you the trouble and money on these extra needed accessories.

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The Yamaha JR1 Review

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior Size Acoustic GuitarIf you are a beginner looking to buy a good quality acoustic guitar, then look no further because the Yamaha JR1 6-string 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar is the best option for you.

This acoustic guitar is small, compact and travel-friendly.

It is cheap and well built and Yamaha has proved that quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune every time. In terms of design, they have kept the guitar relatively simple and small but very stylish and elegant at the same time. It is a three quarter sizes dreadnought body.

It is made out of two types of wood; the tone wood is made up of spruce and the rest of the body is made up of meranti.

The most noticeable feature is the bound top which is something seen mostly in high-end expensive guitars. The neck is very simple and comfortable to play.


Perfect Dimensions for Kids

Yamaha JR1 Junior Size Acoustic GuitarThe small and compact size of the Yamaha JR1 6-string 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar with dimensions of 35.5 x 16.25 x 4.75 in makes it perfect for kids and beginner musicians.

Full size guitars can be a bit intimidating for small children and a beginner guitarist which makes the Yamaha JR1 the perfect model for them.

The Yamaha JR1 Bundle Kit & Accessories

Yamaha JR1 Acoustic Guitar

This Yamaha JR1 6-string 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar Legacy Bundle comes with a bunch of accessories so that you can start playing right away.

It comes with a:

  • clip-on tuner
  • guitar strap
  • capo
  • legacy picks
  • peg winder
  • guitar strings

Also included is a DVD with instruction on how to set it up and start playing. Everything you need to get started comes included in the box.

The Yamaha JR1 Features:

The Yamaha JR1 6-string 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar is packed full of features which are as follow:

  • The Yamaha JR1 comes with lots of accessories so that you can begin playing right out of the box.
  • The high quality spruce and meranti craftsmanship ensures that the guitar is sturdy and well built. It feels very solid and well put together. The combination of the two woods used gives the guitar a very luxurious and elegant look.
  • The Yamaha JR1 6-string 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar gives out a very warm tone, loud and rich sound which is something typically not seen in smaller sized guitars. Its dreadnought shape gives it more girth than other small sized guitars and that’s what makes the sound quality better
  • The all wood finish and smooth sheen on the surface make the guitar very appealing to look at.
  • It stays in tune and even if it goes off tune, tuning it back to its previous setting is very simple and easy.

Due to its compact and small size, this legacy bundle acoustic guitar is perfect for all age groups especially kids.

The Yamaha JR1 Video Review

Listen to the great JR1 sound

Yamaha JR1 Pros:

  • Thanks to its small size and slimmer neck, it is very easy to play and it doesn’t end up making your fingers sore.
  • The meranti and spruce craftsmanship makes the guitar extremely durable.
  • The all wood built gives it a very stylish appearance.
  • It is extremely affordable and costs a mere $154.99 on Amazon

Why choose the Yamaha JR1 Guitar?

The Yamaha acoustic guitar craftsmanship and the use of quality woods in this excellent guitar help create a compact folk guitar offering genuine acoustic sounds.

This admired and trendy option possesses a beautiful quality sound and an exceptional design that Yamaha is famous for.

And, its 3/4 size, modeled after the FG series, makes the mini steel string Yamaha JR1 one of the world’s best selling acoustic guitars for beginners.

Verified Real Customer Reviews

Our Son Loves His Guitar!

Outstanding! We gave this to our son for his 8th birthday. This guitar is well made and perfectly sized. It remains in tune and came with every needed accessory.

If your child wishes to play seriously this is an excellent beginner guitar. Well worth every cent! The customer service was outstanding.

The shipping was lightening fast. The guitar arrived in its box, packaged well in a shipping box.

Highly Recommended! Would buy again!


The Yamaha JR1 Acoustic Guitar Review Conclusion:

For those of you who are looking for a high-quality acoustic guitar but are on a tight budget, the Yamaha JR1 6-string Acoustic Guitar is the perfect option for you.

Its small size, affordable price, and easy playability make it the perfect option for beginners and children. The high-quality materials will make sure this guitar stays around for many years to come.



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