The Alto saxophone is an amazing musical instrument and it is an important tool for many musicians playing different styles all over the world. If you want to learn to play and you are looking for a saxophone and don’t know which one to choose then read on!

A Guide for the beginner sax musician

the best beginner alto saxophone to learn how to play

alto saxophone for beginnersAlto Saxophone for Beginners: If you are thinking of kick-starting your music career and one of the ideas that came to your mind is playing saxophone, then this is for you. By the end of this article, you will probably have made up your mind on which saxophone.

As a beginner of saxophone playing, before settling with any brand, you may want to think of your skill level, your commitment to mastering the skill, budget and the available alternative brands on market. 

Then you may decide on whether to buy or rent. However, if you are considering to learn on a low budget, how about renting a sax for your training sessions and buy one after you are well established? These are decisions only you can make.

Supposing you have settled for buying one right away, we will recommend one of the best alto sax for beginners. The Alto Sax, one of the Saxophone family, is most trendy type for jazz bands, military bands, marching bands, jazz combos and solo collections. It is mostly used in jazz concerts, Christian music industry. 

There are however a number of other saxophone brands with great features that you may want to look at as your first beginner alto sax before you decided.

alto sax for beginners students
The Lyxjam Alto saxophone
Soprano Saxophone Brands
alto saxophone for beginners

Our Top alto saxophone for beginners

Mendini by cecilio alto sax

This is probably the best Alto Saxophone for Beginners, it is the Mendini Alto by cecilio, a perfect saxophone for student musicians gives the young player a full-bodied sound and deep tone, rich with even intonation. Its fast action keys also allow for easy play-ability for all players. It comes as a large bore ripped construction with a tuner case, mouthpiece, 10 Reeds, a neckstrap, clean cloth and rod and a pair of gloves.

Our Top Choice!

LyxaJam Alto Sax

This may be considered as the leading new comer to the musical instrument market and one of the best alto saxophone for beginners for sale as it comes along with a beginners’ kit to take them through. You will also get a mouthpiece, neck strap, cleaning cloth rod, hard carrying case with removable straps and 10 bonus reeds customized for smooth tonality and ease of playing. The Lyxajam alto sax can be your best companion whether you are playing an intimate jazz or a cheerful marching band.

Lazarro Alto Saxophone

The Lazarro Alto Saxophone is the best option to meet any beginner sax player’s your musical needs. Apart from being perfect for any occasion, all saxophones of this brand are made according to international standards regardless of colors and keys and they feature similar sound quality. The Lazarro Alto Sax comes with a mouthpiece with a reed, a fabric case, cleaning rod and white gloves. These beginner alto sax also come in an array of colors.

Glory Professional Alto Sax

If you are about to choose the best student saxophone for either yourself or a friend, keep in mind the Glory Professional Alto Eb Sax maybe another really great choice to make. With its high-quality craftsmanship and an amazing high F# sound output, this alto saxophone for beginners also has an affordable price tag. Besides, it’s user-friendly for both children and adults. The Glory Professional sax comes with 11 reeds, 8 pads, cushions case, care kit, with an option of direct playing with no need for tuning. Great Choice!

Alto Saxophone for Beginners Conclusion!

With this range of saxophones, I hope you can easily make your way to the stores with the best choice of which saxophone to take home. If buying is not among your options today, you still just might need this someday to give your passion and career a boost.

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