Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar – An Outstanding Bass That Delivers

Dean’s electric bass guitars are known for their outlandish designs and body shapes.

They know how to put together the best offer which includes great performance, quality materials and great design with a very affordable price tag…


Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar  This in-depth review will take you through the Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this electric bass guitar is the one for you.


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All about Dean Guitars

Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric BassThe Dean guitar is a reliable solution for your Rock and Roll needs, Dean Guitars also provide musicians with an enormous selection of:

✅ Bass Guitars

✅ Acoustic guitars

✅ Electric guitars

✅ Amplifiers

As well as other kinds of relevant accessories and merchandise, as well as support for artists.




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Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar Product Description

  • The Edge 09 is an electric Bass guitar that has a beautiful, smooth mahogany finish to it.


  • The guitar has a lot of functionality that delivers the kind of premium sound you cannot find anywhere else in the market for the same budget.


  • The guitar has die-cast Dean Tuners that serve you perfectly well and have a great durability.


  • The vintage style bridge of the guitar has an adjustable intonation which adds a lot of value to this piece that has a basswood body and a natural Satin finish to it, which is just impossible to ignore.


  • The guitar also has passive soap bar pickup and volume/treble controls on it, so that you can have maximum functionality while playing your favorite song.


  • This 34 inch Maple neck also has a great quality fretboard.


Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar Video Review




Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar Review

This Dean Edge 09 series bass guitar is for the intermediate guitarist and amateurs alike, delivering a lot of value for the money.

This excellent and durable product will undoubtedly stay with you during that all so important transition period when you move up with your playing skills.


Produce Better Sounds

If you are starting out your music career and you want to have a Bass guitar that is semi-professional, this is a great pick for you.

If you are a complete beginner and you want to learn as well as play Bass guitar in the best way possible, this is a guitar that will serve your needs well, helping you produce the kind of sound that will help you distinguish good bass sound from a lower quality bass sound.

Having the right kind of equipment is very important for any musician, and this guitar is made for musicians from all walks of life.

A perfect example of good American craftsmanship, this guitar is very reasonably priced thus also making it attempting to pick for any aspiring artist.


Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar – Natural


Dean Edge Bass Guitar




Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar Features

✅ 4-String Electric Bass Guitar.

✅ Great aesthetics, with models having a smooth mahogany body along with carefully painted finish.

✅ American-made guitar with an ergonomic design that is built for a comfortable experience.

✅ A unique neck joint (which is 34 inches wide) and heel (made especially by Dean Designs themselves) that has a four bolt pattern for a complete 1 to 22-fret neck movement.

✅ A soapbar pickup built for producing a great amount of growl that sounds just right.

✅ A Dean bridge with adjustable intonation for perfection while playing with a beautiful vintage look-and-feel.


The Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Bass Guitar



The Dean E09M Edge Bass Pros

  • Great, professional sound which makes it a good pick for professionals and beginners alike.
  • Great detail-oriented aesthetics that make this piece an eye catcher.
  • Reasonably priced, making it easy for people from all budgets to have something premium they can make music with, and supporting the artistic community.
  • Durable, tough built making it ideal for touring and carrying around.
  • Easy to play and control different features, including treble.
  • Easy to tune.
  • Crafted with perfection, with a body that is contoured for your playing comfort, reducing fatigue during long sessions.


The Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar Customer Reviews


Awesome product!

I love it, it’s my first bass but my 4th guitar, the neck is nice, strings are quality, volume and tone knobs are nice too.

I just really like the guitar overall.



Definitely a good start-up bass

It definitely pretty good! It sounds fine, it has a pretty decent pickup (no hum), really good finish on all surfaces, and really simple.


First Time Bass Player

What a beautiful instrument. It plays beautifully and I don’t feel stupid trying to learn it.

The wood grain neck and lacquer finish makes for a stunning instrument. Can’t wait to really get into it and see how it handles live.




The Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar Conclusion

To sum up the main points in this Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar review, we can see that this is a great quality playing guitar that is also made with the beginner guitarist in mind.

The many positive reviews of this bass guitar has been receiving online sets it apart from the rest, this is truly a great buy.

It is very affordable and made for long playing sessions without compromising on sound quality or your overall experience.

For all the beginner musicians looking to buy the first musical instrument, this can be a perfect pick, delivering quality and helping you make great music!


So, all things considered, the Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar is a true find.

Even if you are on a budget, this bass guitar is about as good as it gets and a real bargain if you need an excellent practice bass for the musicians who could do with a low-priced bass apart from their main guitar.


Check out The Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar price and reviews,  On Amazon you will not be disappointed.


Dean Edge Bass Guitar





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