SQUIER VINTAGE MODIFIED JAGUAR BASS – A Leading Beginner Fender Short Scale Guitar


Join the Many Beginner Bassists That Play Like Pros…Thanks To the Squire Jaguar Bass!


Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar BassThis in-depth review will take you through the Squire by FenderVintage Modified Jaguar Bass Electric Guitar where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this electric bass guitar is the one for you.


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Looking for a great quality affordable Bass Guitar without Compromising on the quality?


This Squier Jaguar Bass Short Scale Is the Recommended Choice…




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Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Description

In general, Bass guitars are versatile in function.

That being said, however, only a few are used on the grand stages. Turning the notch down a bit takes us to the beginner’s section.

Beginner bass players require something that meets every one of their needs. This is where the Squier comes into play.

It is affordable and ideal for beginners; considering the fact that it was designed for beginner bass players.


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Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Video Review



Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Review

The Squier Jaguar bass comes in at a very affordable price, (check out the price here) an amount that is a great investment for any starter bassist, and affordable for a good quality starter bass guitar.

It has a short scale length of 30 inches, consisting of a maple neck and a black headstock with a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard.

The pickup system is a single coil Jazz bass bridge and a vintage style split single-coil precision bass middle pickup.

For the beginners out there considering this Fender Short Scale Bass guitar, there are some things you should know.


Fender Short Scale Bass Guitar

Asides from the fact that it is quite affordable, if you consider its features, and sounds great, some in-depth features makes these musical instruments a suitable guitar for beginners.

The scale length is short, making it a small sized bass guitar that can be easily maneuvered by amateurs.

Size does not mean the bass would be comfortable.

That is why the body of the Squier by Fender Short Scale Bass guitar is made with Basswood to ensure comfort, especially during long hours of practice.

Its weight is quite ideal for a starter bassist, weighing about 11 pounds and considering the time used in daily practice.

However, if we ignore the fact that this bass guitar is designed for starters, we would discover that other features make it a great bass guitar.




Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Electric Guitar

squier vintage modified jaguar bass special




Main Features of the Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Electric Guitar


LENGTH: Although the length of the bass guitar is 30 inches, one can say it is quite ideal for practice in comparison to longer and standard bass guitars. This is because longer bass guitars are generally harder to handle by amateurs, and it usually causes difficulty in finger placement on the fret.

CONTROLS: There are but a few beginner bass guitars that have knobs for varying purposes. The Squier Jaguar Bass guitar has volume control knobs for each of the pickups. This allows you to have ample control over the tones and their intensity. There is also a master tone control knob for controlling the overall tone.

PICKUPS: The pickups on the Squire Jaguar Bass guitar are versatile to serve different purposes. There is a vintage style split single coil precision bass pickup in the middle, and a single-coil jazz bass bridge pickup at the back. Using the volume control knobs for each of the pickups allow you to switch between any of the two pickups at will, and also use the two at the same time!




Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass by fender short scale bass




Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Pros

✅ Easy to play: 30 inches in length, and made with basswood for comfort during practice

✅ Durability: basswood body, rosewood fret, and maple neck! Durability is not an issue here

✅ Appearance: stunning design, colored with candy apple red.

✅ Affordable: a great investment for beginners

✅ Features: 4- string bass guitar with multiple pickups and controls, ideal for practice.



Squier Vintage Jaguar Bass Short Scale Gallery Pictures

Take a Closer Look at these Short Scale Bass guitars



Verified Customer Reviews


Gorgeous design! Perfect for beginners!

My son ordered this because he wants to learn as many instruments as possible. This was the perfect guitar for him! It is absolutely gorgeous and plays beautifully!



Great sounds, feel, looks and price

I mostly play guitar, just bought this Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass to add bass line to my recordings using garage band.

The short scale makes it easier for a first-comer player, as I tried a couple of full length before and this one feels more comfortable at first, easy to play and the sound quality es good.

I’m satisfied with it, not a bass expert but I can compare it to the those used by my friends, the quality of the instrument, to me, is higher than the price tag and it is great for what I needed it, recommended.


Oh, by the way, it looks great. The black head-stock matching the pick-guard is a nice detail. I got the red candy apple, has a nice glossy look, I bet the black one looks killer as well.

Overall, great entry level bass guitar that feels.



Awesome Bass!

We ordered this for my husband who has played bass on and off for about ten years.

He had a Fender before and loved it, unfortunately, it was destroyed in a move. We bought him a Deans from a local music shop and it sounded HORRIBLE. We were so disappointed.

Once online he saw this one and fell in love so we ordered it, even though we couldn’t even try it first. He’s never been so happy!

It sounds amazing both played on its own and in the Rock Smith game, as we are letting our kids try it out with that. Really nice rich sound for less than half what we paid for a cruddy Deans.

Extremely pleased with this product! This arrived ahead of schedule and was packed amazingly well. No problems what so ever.

Very pleased with this transaction.



Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Conclusion

The Fender Short Scale Bass Guitar is one of the most suitable bass guitars for beginners.

Its features make it ideal for practicing, and it can also serve in some little gigs that you might get.

This product has been getting many great 5 Star reviews from verified purchasers, so that really says it all, a well balanced and easy to handle bass with an extremely affordable price tag for any beginner.


Our Recommendation:

Invest in your music with the Squier Jaguar Bass Short Scale Electric Guitar!

squier jaguar bass short scale electric guitar




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