Lagrima 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set For Adult Beginners – An Outstanding Drum Kit At A Very Affordable Price!

This in-depth review will take you through the Lagrima 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set For Adult Beginners where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this drum kit is the one for you. So, if you are looking for a great quality affordable 5 piece beginner drum set without Compromising on the quality?


The Lagrima 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set For Beginners Is The Recommended Choice……


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LAGRIMA 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set with Stand, Cymbals, Hi-Hat, Pedal, Adjustable Drum Stool and 2 Drum Sticks for Adult/Kids(Black, 22 Inches)

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  • 【LAGRIMA 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set】 The bass drum adopts a 6-lug structure, and the snare drum is equipped with a matte leather design to enhance the tone. Three-layer electroplating process, no rust and more wear-resistant.
  • 【Thick Drum Cavity Design】 Preferred 4 layers of poplar wood + 6 layers of maple wood, the sound can be more energetic. The smaller the amplitude, the stronger the radiation. BASS drums need strong bass, and strengthen the drum cavity design to make the overtones diffuse slowly and enhance the tone.
  • 【Telescopic Integrated Kick Drum Leg】 Fully adjustable, telescopic to adjust the height, and the surface is electroplated. The head is designed with cleats, the cleats are adjustable and retractable, and the kick drum is more stable.
  • 【The New Upgrade of Adult Drum Set】 Double-layer oil drum skin, high hardness and toughness, enhance the impact of grain. The integral pressing ring molding process, the BASS drum pressing ring adopts wooden pressing ring, and the integral forming of the pressing ring ensures the consistency and the stability of adjustment.
  • 【INCLUDED】 22 "x 16" Bass drum x 1, 12 "x 9" Mounted tom x 1, 10 "x 8" Mounted tom x 1, 14 "x 5.5" Mounted snare (With Stand) x 1, 16inch x 16inch floor drum x 1, 14inch Hi-Hat Cymbal (With Stand) x 1, 16inch Straight Cymbal (with stand) x 1,7A wooden drum sticks x 2. Bass Pedal x1,Round padded adjustable drum throne x 1,Attached installation video link.


The Lagrima 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set Review

Lagrima 5 Piece Full Size Drum SetThere are a lot of things about drums that just sets some people off! The design of the drums can make a drum lover go wild, just by looking at it from afar.

This is what Lagrima prides itself on with its full-size adult drum set for beginners. This drum set is made with the best materials to give it an edge among the competition. It is made with real wood shells that are finished with a fine gloss.

Beauty is not all Lagrima is all about as they also worry about giving you the best drum tone as much as they can. The drum heads are double-layered old skin that has a good level of elasticity and takes a longer time to get damaged.

The workmanship put into this drum set is just out of this world.

The snare comes with a rattle to give it versatility in tone. Although, the snare is quite resonant on its own. Talking about drums, the toms are also quite remarkable. They are placed on adjustable brackets that allow you to tilt them to whatever angle you find suitable. At least, you get to arrange the drums to your taste – that’s a great point to start as a beginner.

For a beginner drum set, this drum set makes a lot of things easier. It comes with a pair of hi-hats and a crash cymbal, and these cymbals come with their respective stands.

Most drums require you to buy these parts separately, and this is a nice way to draw customer interest by Lagrima.


Who Is The Lagrima Drum Kit For?

In actual sense, these drums are for beginners. But not for small beginners – old ones. It’s never too late to chase your dreams and make the big move. A lot of older guys are learning how to play musical instruments these days – who says you can’t too?

Learning to play drums is not as difficult as many players make it seem. There are lots of materials you can learn online, and this drum set makes the learning process as easy and convenient as possible.


Main Features of  The Lagrima 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set

We have mentioned a lot of things about this drum set that makes it very remarkable. Now we are going to talk about a few features that would interest you. Lagrima did a great job in making this drum set perfect for adult beginners that want a convenient drum set to start with.



The fact that the hi-hats, crash cymbal, and snare come with their own stand is something we should count as remarkable by Lagrima. The hardware of this drum set is just unique. All the hardware are double-reinforced and adjustable. They even come with double-braced legs to withstand a lot of pressure from beating the drum set.



The snare drum is the voice of this drum set, and its size does well to support that claim. It captures almost everything from the ghostliest of notes to the loudest accents. This 14 inches snare drum is reliable in terms of power and sound quality.



This drum set comes with a lot of accessories that most other drum sets do not offer. It comes with a pair of hi-hats, a crash cymbal, a kick pedal, a drum throne, a pair of drum sticks, and a drum key.



The Lagrima 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set PROS:

Easy to play: there are a lot of drum sets in the market, but not all are easy to play. Lagrima’s 5-piece full-size set says otherwise.

Durability: if you need a drum set that would last you, then this is the best option for you. It is made with the best wood materials and hardware to last a long time.

Appearance: this is a high gloss finish drum set with stunning black color.

Price: it is a nice investment for the beginner since it costs about $194.90

Features: it is a full-sized drum set with all the necessary parts included.




Verified Customer Reviews

A Five Star Purchase!

An hour to put together. My 13 year old drummer loves this set.

Can’t go wrong!

Fabulous drum set for the small price, even for a more expensive set. Well made and sound great!


They are well made and they were easy to assemble…

I bought this drum set for my son and he loves them. They are well made and they were easy to assemble.



The Lagrima Drum Set Conclusion

When it comes to a drum set that has everything a beginner needs to kick start learning how to play, the Lagrima 5 piece full-size drum set is the best option for you.

It comes with all the necessary parts. And not only that! It comes with a good number of important accessories that would cost you a fortune to get separately.

If you don’t get this drum, there are not many other better options on the market today.

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Lagrima 5 Piece Full Size Drum Set For Adult Beginners


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