MENDINI KIDS DRUM SET BY CECILIO – The Ultimate 5-Piece Beginner Kit for The Junior Drummer

This Mendini Kids Drum Set is a high-quality product and a market leader, the best entry-level drum set and the perfect solution for the junior drummer to be at a very affordable price.


Mendini Kids Drum Set reviewThis in-depth review will take you through the Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Drums Set where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this beginner drum kit is the one for you.

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Looking for a great quality affordable Kids Drum Set without Compromising on the quality?

This Mendini Kids Drum Set Is A Market Leader…



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The Mendini Kids Drum Set Product Description

Mendini Kids Drum SetThe Mendini by Cecilio is a 5-piece drum set designed specifically for kids.

If you have a young one in the house with prospects of being a great drummer, then you have found the right starter gear for the kid.

This Mendini by Cecilio drum set is an all in one set that comes with cymbals and every other basic part a junior drummer will ever need.

It is the best gift you can get a young drummer who wants to play under comfortable and realistic conditions.

A real drum set is too large for a toddler, creating a need for a smaller more comfortable version for kids. It is very affordable for an all in one complete kid’s drum set and comes well within everyone’s budget.


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Kids 5-Piece Mendini Drum Set Video Review




Mendini Kids Drum Set Review

Mendini Kids Drum SetThe Mendini by Cecilio drum set is ideal and designed for children above the age of three, this is mainly due to some small parts that can be accidentally swallowed by little children (this is merely a manufacturer’s safety precaution).

It is specially produced with the junior drummer in mind and it is cut to fit little kids. The age group recommended on the instructions is determined by height. The recommended heights are from 2 ½ ft. to 5 ft.

This is one of the best junior drum set the market has to offer and it is by far the best entry level drum set.

The kit is made of great quality materials, it is very well assembled and safe to use (Very Important).

An affordable beginner set and makes a killer present.



Mendini Kids Drum Set – Best Junior 5-Piece Drums   1

The Mendini Kids Drum Set by Cecilio



Mendini Kids Drum Set Product Features

✅ DRUM SIZES: the sizes of each of the drums are quite adequate for kids, even after the child undergoes years of growth. The 16” bass drum is small enough to size the child but large enough to carry the toms and cymbal with ease. The drum contains an 8” by 6” hi tom, a 10” by 5” mid tom, and a 12” by 10” floor tom. It couldn’t have gotten any bigger or better than that.

✅ SNARE DRUM: the most important drum on a set is the snare drum. The size, shape, tone, the wires underneath, etc. all contribute to its great sound. The snare drum on this beginner’s set kit is 10” by 6”, and designed to meet the size and shape requirements of a kiddies drum set. The tone is left to you and the accessories you buy for it. Good quality accessories such as drum heads and snare wires are required.

✅ CYMBALS: the cymbals on the Mendini by Cecinio are just the hi-hats and the crash cymbal. The hi-hats are 8” driven by a chain driver on a stand, while the crash cymbal is a 10” cymbal mounted on the bass drum with a bass drum mount. These are cymbals that come with the kit, and it is possible to replace them with the ones you want. You can also add more cymbals, as long as you can purchase the number of stands needed for each cymbal.

✅ ACCESSORIES: the drum comes with some great accessories at a relatively low overall price. There is an adjustable drum throne with a round padded seat, a bass drum pedal, and a pair of wooden drumsticks.



Mendini Kids Drum Set black



The Mendini Kids Drum Set Pros

✅ Easy to play: small size to fits kits between heights 2 ½ ft. to 5 ft.

✅ Durability: made with quality drum materials strong enough to withstand the uncoordinated beating of a child

✅ Appearance: good looking, and available in several color variants

✅ Affordable: a low priced product of high quality

✅ Features: 5-piece drums with cymbals


The Mendini Kids Drum Set Gallery Pictures

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Verified Customer Reviews

Worth the money – Sound quality

Drum kit it is!!

We got this for our 4-year old that loves to rock out. He busted his cheapie set that was $60 from the big box toy store. This is not even a comparison to what he did have.

These are real drums and cymbals.

Comes with the drumsticks and a stool too.

Assembly took my husband about an hour and patience with no help. We are beyond happy with this purchase. Everything is adjustable and is custom for my son due to the ability to loosen or tighten as needed.

Our future drummer also lives his new drums. He gravitates to them and it is improving his motor skills as well. Our hearing and house will never be the same but our hearts and home are full with seeing him so happy to play.

Thank you for such an outstanding product for toddlers. Many times parents are ripped off when it comes to quality even if there is a $$$ price. Not with this set. This will last him and grow with him for a couple of years while he learns.

Sound investment and worth the price.



Great starter set for a young kid …

Bought this for my 12 y/o daughter who interested in the drums.

She has a smaller bedroom and it fits in there great.

Great starter set for a young kid who is interested. It is a smaller set, but my husband who is 5’11” can sit down and play it.

It will help your kid practice or decide that they really don’t want to play the drums, and you didn’t waste a fortune.



The Mendini Kids Drum Set Conclusion

Cecilio is well known for their quality and affordable musical instruments.

This junior drum set all a kid will need to make great music, it fits all kids sizes, it is comfy and produces great sounds.

That being said, this is not a pro set, it is specially made for the junior drummer in mind and it is priced accordingly.

If you have a toddler that’s very enthusiastic about learning drums, this is the perfect gift for the kid. It is a very affordable set, and also a great way to comfortably learn drums for children.



The Mendini Kids Drum Set by Cecilio


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