• Rise by Sawtooth Full Size Complete Beginner/Student's Drum Set
  • 22x16 Bass Drum, 12x8 & 13x9 Toms, 16x16 Floor Tom, 14x5 Snare Drum
  • 6 Ply poplar shells with 45 degree bearing edges
  • Hardware includes: Hi Hat Stand, 2 Tier Cymbal Stand, Bass Drum pedal, Throne, (2) Tom Arms, (3) Floor Tom Legs, Drumsticks, & Drum Key
  • Cymbals included: Cast Beginner's 14" Hi Hats & 16" Crash Ride

Sawtooth introduces it's newest line, Rise by Saw tooth, with this excellent student drum set. This drum set is not a toy, this is a full size 6-ply poplar drum set that delivers great sounds, and was built to last. Poplar is a sought after wood that produces a smooth and even tone, boosted low-end warmth with soft highs and Mids. This rocking drum set includes everything you'll need to get started on your road to drum god fame. Rise to the occasion with a Rise by Sawtooth drum set!



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The Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set By Sawtooth – An Exceptional Set for The Student Drummer! A Genuinly “Great Deal”


This in-depth review will take you through The Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this drum kit is the one for you. So, if you are looking for a great quality affordable 5 piece beginner drum set without Compromising on the quality?

The Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set kit Is the Recommended Choice…


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The Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set Set Review


There are a lot of big names in the drum making business, and everyone wants something from the top drum brands.

Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set kitWell, you are in luck. Have you heard of the brand Sawtooth? Sawtooth is one of the brightest drum making brands today, and they bring you their newest line of drums; Rise. Rise by Sawtooth is a student drum set built to meet the need of those learning the basics of the instrument. It is not a toy or a junior drum set.

It is a full size 6 ply drum set with poplar shells. The fact that its shells are made with poplar only makes it a lot better. It delivers great sounds and does not lack durability and sturdiness at all. It is a very strong drum set that every student would love. Aside from the fact that it was built to last, it is designed specially to be able to withstand the rigors it would face in the hands of a beginner.

We all know that being a beginner level instrument player would involve a lot of moving around. Just in the house alone, they would have to move the drums from place to play to prevent disturbing those that are at home.

Furthermore, it is normal for a student to mishandle the drum set once in a while due to lack of experience in handling drums. All this is what the Rise by Sawtooth is made for. A lot of people don’t even know the value of poplar wood. If used perfectly in making drums, just like in Rise by Sawtooth, it would produce a very smooth and even tone.


Gallery Picture and Color Selection

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One of the things loveable about this drum set is its warm low-end tones, and its soft mid and high ranges. A lot of drums have issues balancing tones, and they usually have a range of tones more dominant than the others. Well, that is not the case for Sawtooth. They believe that the drum set a student play must contain all the tones required for a proper understanding of the instrument.

From all what we have gone through above, it is clear that this Rise by Sawtooth full-size drum set is for students. Its shape, size, and durability all drop clues on who it is designed for. It comes with a lot of features that make it perfect for learning and playing at some small level live performances.



The Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set – Main Features

If you are still looking for the things that make this drum set very special, then you should go back and read this article from the top all over again. However, we are still going to list out the best things about this drum set that makes you love it so much.



One of the most important things to check on any drum set is the size of each of the drums. Drum size plays an important role in the genre of music the drummer wants to play – which is why Rise by Sawtooth comes with a 22-inch bass drum, 12-inch high tom, 13-inch mid tom, 16-inch mid tom, and 14-inch snare drum.

This drum set is clearly a fusion drum set, but more of a rock kind of drum set – its toms are large, and produce a punchy sound!  Clearly a rock drum.



A lot of things were put in place when designing the Rise by Sawtooth full-size student drum set. The drum set was made with the perfect finish and materials to make it one aesthetic set of drums. It even comes in three color variants you can choose from.



There are only a few drum sets that come with accessories right out of the box. Most drum sets require you to buy these accessories separately when purchasing the drum set. Rise by Sawtooth comes with a kick pedal, a drum throne, a pair of drum sticks, and a drum key.

This way you don’t have to spend a dime on buying these needed accessories.


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The Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set Pros

Easy to play: designed specifically for student drummers to make learning the instrument easier

Durability: shells are made with 6 plies of poplar wood with bear a large amount of abuse without lacking tone quality

Appearance: a very aesthetic drum set

Affordable: cost about $279.98 and is a good investment for the beginner

Features: comes with a lot of cool features that beats its competition



Verified Customer Reviews

Good product, fast and free Amazon prime shipping and customer service, great price.

Great beginner kit. The drums sound great, cymbals are fine. Full sized, plenty large enough for an adult. One of the heads was mismatched, but it sounds good, and Amazon gave me a discount in compensation. No complaints.



Great solid set

Bought this set for our son’s 10th birthday. They arrived fast and on time. They were definitely packaged for protection through shipment. There’s like a hundred pieces to assemble, but that being said, the instructions are easy and clear to read.

I was able to assemble all of it in less than two hours. The set itself is a strong solid set with great sound. I’m very happy we went with this brand and our son absolutely loves them!


The Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set – Conclusion

This is one of the few drum sets that beginner drummers can really enjoy. It is very well designed for comfort, Very well priced even for a first time drum set, it is durable and easy to play.

This beginner’s 6-ply full size drum kit, comes with a lot of features that are just amazing and perfect for the student drummers making their first steps into this wonderful world of drumming.


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Rise Full Size 6-Ply Drum Set By Sawtooth