• Included Drums: 20x17 kick, 10x7 rack tom, 12x8 rack tom, 14x13 floor tom, 14x5.5 snare
  • Included Hardware: TH-945B 3-hole receiver with (2) YESS tom mounts, (3) floor tom legs
  • 100% birch drum shells with air seal system
  • 45-Degree bearing edges and Absolute-style lugs
  • No cymbals, stands, or kick pedal, or throne included

5-piece Shell Pack with 10" and 12" Rack Toms, 14" Floor Tom, 14" Snare Drum, and 20" Bass Drum - Honey Amber


The Yamaha Custom Birch 5-Piece Drum Set Review – Loved By The Pros…


The Yamaha Custom Birch 5-Piece Drum Set – A Genuinly “Great Deal” for the Beginner and Intermediate Drummer!


This in-depth review will take you through the Yamaha Custom Birch 5-Piece Drum Set where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this drum kit is the one for you. So, if you are looking for a great quality affordable 3 piece junior drum set without Compromising on the quality?

The Yamaha Custom Birch Drums kit Is The Recommended Choice…


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Yamaha Custom Birch 5-Piece Drum Set Review

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5pc Drum Shell Pack honey amberThere is no drummer that has not heard the name Yamaha before. They are one of the world’s leading producers of quality musical instruments and electronic equipment, and we can boldly say that their products are of the best quality.

Taking the reputation of Yamaha into consideration, it is clear that this Stage Custom Birch 5 piece drum shell pack is one of the best in the market. A lot of drummers often need a drum set, but they have a lot of extra hardware from the previous drum set.

All they need is a shell pack of a better drum set to use with their preexisting shell pack. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place.


The Drum Shell Pack

The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 piece drum shell pack is made to rumble and resonate – this is why the shell is the key factor of our focus today. According to the specifications of the Stage Custom Birch 5 piece drum shell pack, the shells are 100% birch, and every drummer knows the level of quality birch is!

Asides using birch for their shells, they made it 6 plies to ensure that the shells are very durable and produce the best tone quality you can possibly get from a drum set. Drummers should know that drums that the thicker the drum shell that deeper the sound of the drums.

Yamaha did a great job in designing these shells to make them the best for live performances and concerts. However, you are looking for a complete drum set with all the hardware you should check the W/hardware icon on the screen.

There you would be given the option to choose if you want the shell pack only or you want the entire drum pack with the hardware.

Either way, bear in mind that the shell pack comes with a:

20-inch kick,

10-inch high tom,

12-inch mid tom,

14-inch floor tom,

and a 14.5-inch snare drum.


Nothing beats the standard sizes, right? Still, you can choose to change the size of the bass drum if you want. It comes in three sizes: 18, 20, and 22 inches.


So who is this Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 piece drum shell pack made for?

It is no news that this shell pack is more for professionals. Although intermediates can invest in their career by buying this set of gear.

Professional drummers would find this shell pack handy, especially when they want to make upgrades to their drums.



Yamaha 5-Piece Drum Set Gallery Pictures

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Yamaha Custom Birch 5-Piece Drum Set Product Features

There are a lot of things to say about this drum set shell pack. We can keep going on and on about the brand Yamaha, but we must not forget that the work put into this drum set is just remarkable.


Let’s take a closer look at a few of the cool features of this drum set.


The thing that makes this drum set very special is the number of sizes it is available in. if you want an 18-inch, 20-inch, or 22-inch bass drum, all you need to do is specify it in your order. The drum comes in the standard drum sizes of 20-inch kick, 10-inch high tom, 12-inch mid tom, 14-inch floor tom, and a 14.5-inch snare drum.



One of the most attractive features of this drum set is its appearance. It comes in different colors, but the honey amber color just makes it seem more beautiful than it is supposed to be. Even its hardware has a stunning look that contributes to its overall appearance.



The materials used in making the shell of this drum set 100% birch. The great thing about the making of these drums is the fact that the drum shells are made to seal out air from getting in.



Yamaha Custom Birch 5-Piece Drum Set Pros:

Easy to play: those that play at live performances a lot would realize that most drum sets become more difficult to play at live performances. This is not the case of the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 Piece Drum Shell Pack.


✅ Durability: the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 Piece Drum Shell Pack is made with 100% birch.


✅ Appearance: the color and finishing make this drum one of the most attractive drums in the market.


✅ Affordable: this drum set shell pack costs $649.99


✅ Features: the features of this drum are amazing.



Yamaha Custom Birch 5-Piece Drum Set – Verified Customer reviews


These are beautiful drums and affordable!

These are beautiful and affordable drums that I bought to make my home studio much more professional. The cost is great and the quality high, and most importantly, they sound great.


Excellent product, excellent sound and painting!

Just replace the drum heads and you will have a pro sound drum set.


Great customer service!

Hopefully, this will cover all the products I have purchased through Amazon. I’m very happy and satisfied with everything.



Conclusion – Final Thoughts

The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5 Piece Drum Shell Pack is one of the best drums in the market today. These excellent drums are made with the best high-quality materials, have a great sound output, easy to handle and very well priced.

This set also comes in different size and color options so you can choose the one that suits your personality.


Highly Recommended – Take a closer look at these drums on the products main page on Amazon by following the link below!


Yamaha Custom Birch 5-Piece Drum Set