Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar – Designed for high performance at an affordable price

The legendary brand manufacturer of guitars take out the caste once again and brings us on this occasion a model of 22 frets with an attractive design and high performance, not suitable for the faint-hearted musicians.


Now everyone can afford a real SG!


Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar KillPot, Cherry Red
Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar


The Epiphone SG-Special Review

It belongs to the outstanding SG family and has that WOW factor design and curvilinear body that undoubtedly makes it stand out at first sight among all the others.

A true jewel of a musical instrument.

Not for nothing has it been the option for many years of high caliber guitarists like Carlos Santana and the unmistakable Angus Young, who have relied on this Epiphone SG-Special electric guitar for their most prized music for many years.

But it’s not just another guitar on the market. It is a guitar that has a truly unique sound, easily recognizable to the expert ear, which is why it is loved by so many musicians worldwide.


Who is the Epiphone SG Special electric guitar for?

epiphone sg special

It is definitely a guitar that has been designed for high-performance guitarists due to the carnival of spectacular options that it brings, from the materials with which it was built, through its configuration of pads and ending with its impeccable sound, this has undoubtedly been a guitar born to be played by the best hands in the world.

But beware!

Do not be alarmed if you are a beginner guitarist, because it is also a very soft guitar, comfortable and great mast for those who are starting to develop as new musicians.

That being said, this has been designed with the beginner in mind. Because without a doubt as a newbie guitarist you will have an instrument that will allow you to grow along with you from your very first stages and will serve you for many years after.



The Epiphone SG Special Specs

Mast size

It has a pole built-in mahogany wood, 24.75 inches that pick up about 22 very comfortable and
accessible frets.

Unique silhouette

We have to admit, we love those curves! They are soft and totally asymmetric cut which gives it a look of mass in its body, really adorable.


Body construction

Both its mast and its body are built with mahogany wood, a detail present in almost all high-end guitars


Without words … better ask Angus Young of AC / DC if this guitar has a unique sound or not … Its “sweet” but at the same time, the aggressive sound makes it ideal to rock like the big ones but with a sound that distinguishes you.


Indisputable advantages of the Epiphone SG-Special electric guitar

Ease and Comfort

If you have not so big hands, this guitar is ideal for you.


High durability – Great to have as a guitar for daily use if you want it.



A unique design that comes out of the typical silhouette of Strato guitars, including double cut-away.



Great performance at a low price. You can’t ask for anything better.



It has Tune-o-matic to provide a Sustain and extra quality to the notes. 650R and 700T pickups both in Humbucker



The Epiphone SG Special Customer Reviews

This guitar is beautiful!

I bought this because of the price, the comments and some youtube videos.

I was constantly going back and forth between many guitars in the same price range until one guitar guru said “just make a decision and begin”, so I did!

Wow, was I impressed when it arrived! For the price this thing is a beautiful work of art, the pictures don’t do it justice!

I ordered the cherry red. If you’re undecided, just bite the bullet and get the one you like. I’ve had this about 10 days and play on it everyday, especially since my fingers have gotten over the initial pain haha! Anyway, that’s my review.

Really happy with it and looking forward to buying another guitar and another and another. I’m hooked and want a collection now!



The Guitar looks better in person than on the picture

The Guitar looks better in person than on the picture. When I was opening it, it felt like Christmas all over again. When I held it in my hands I knew automatically that the Guitar was worth it.

It sounds amazing, stays in tune well, has a beautiful color, I love the kill bouton, fretboard is beautiful. 10/10 Recommend!



Worthy and Super Shiny

Totally blown away by how good this Epiphone sg special looks and plays. Compared to the other models with a cherry wood finish, this model has a super smooth and shiny appearance.

Other models I’ve seen have a pitted wood texture which I don’t like at all. The action on this one is great and it plays quite well. This one is my best under $200 guitar by far and worthy!



The Epiphone SG Special Price

The Epiphone SG-Special price falls in the under the $200 price range and for an SG it is a bargain price. There are many other types of electric guitars out there that don’t come close to the Epiphone SG-Special both in quality and sound and are in the same price range.

Very Recommended!



The Epiphone SG Special Conclusion…

We simply can’t say anything else about this delight instrument. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced level guitarist or if you’re a beginner.

You can only try it and play a couple of notes to finish falling madly in love with this extraordinary Epiphone SG-Special electric guitar.

So, it is a very affordable guitar made of high-quality materials.

It is used by many very well known musicians (Santana) and it is highly recommended. The 5 star reviews left by real buyers are more than positive and along with the very affordable price tag this Epiphone SG-Special electric guitar we only have one thing to say and that is:

“Now everyone can afford a real SG!”




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