The Midnight Satin Black Schecter C1 SGR Beginner Electric Guitar – An exceptional beginner’s guitar with an affordable price tag.

Playability, Style, Quality, and Inspiration…. The Schecter C1 SGR Is Setting a New Standard….again

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Find Out Why This Beginner Electric Guitar Is Recommended By Market Leaders and Musicians alike…


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High Profile Guitarists & Artists


The Schecter C-1 SGR electric guitar artists

One of Schecters strongest assets is its growing roster of high-profile guitarist & artists which include:


Avenged Sevenfold

Motley Crüe

The Cure

Papa Roach



Cheap Trick

Stone Temple Pilots

Black Label Society ……………..and many more.


The Schecter C1 SGR Review

In the following post, we will review the Schecter C-1 SGR electric guitar, if you are a beginner guitarist looking for your first guitar than you NEED to read this review.

Schecter Guitars are custom handmade guitar manufacturers making everything from exclusives to extended range guitars.


The Schecter C-1 SGR Beginner Electric Guitar is no exception, it is a high-quality product with a great sound output, easy and fun to play.

That being said, there is a wide range variety of Schechter-made guitars that includes the beginner electric guitar as well as numerous types of guitars for the pro musicians.

For quite a while now, Schecter C-1 SGR beginner electric guitars have been an influence in the market. It has been known to attract many newbie guitarists from around the world due to Schechter’s high-quality standards and affordability.


C-1 SGR electric guitar by Schecter



Why Is The Schecter C1 SGR Is Great For Beginners?


This meticulous electric guitar is one which will always be appropriate for the first time newbie guitarist.

This is due to the fact that most beginner guitarists have a tendency to learn better when they own a cool looking electric guitar, usually a brand which is also played by some leading musicians as you can see in the list above.

This is why the Schecter C1 beginner electric guitar is one of the market leaders since it is used by leading and well-known guitarists and also comes in different cool colors to choose from.

In addition, its suitable for beginners due to its unique quantity of frets which usually amount to twelve or more allowing you to play more notes. This gives a beginner guitar player a wide range of chords to learn to play on without limits like in other guitars.


The Great Sounds of the Schecter C1



The Schecter C1 SGR electric guitar has a lot of features that help it maintains its position at the top as the best beginners electric guitar.

Some of the Features of the Schecter C-1 SGR


Chrome Hardware

The Schecter C-1 SGR electric guitar black chrome hardwareC-1 SGR electric guitars have a chrome hardware painted in different colors as blue, black or red. This gives it its unique coolness as it is of an artistic kind of nature.



Pick Up

The Schecter C-1 SGR electric guitar pickups

Due to its added effects, sgr pick up is designed for the introduction of adaptable sounds.

This is the best suitable whenever budding players are involved.



C1 SGR Arched Top

The Schecter C-1 SGR electric guitar arched topThis guitar has been made in a curved shape of an arch.

This feature was particularly made just for comfort so that it could ease the players’ navigation of chords whenever the guitar player is standing or sitting.



The Gig Bag

The Schecter C-1 SGR electric guitar gig bagMost beginners need more time to practice on guitar chords, strumming or plucking, therefore they need a suitable pack-ins to carry the guitar wherever they go.

So, the Schecter C1 SGR electric guitar comes with a zipper enclosed gig bag that is easy to store and convenient for remote guitar players.



Unique Fretboard

C1 SGR fretboardFinally, this particular guitar is well-known for its unique fretboard, which may contain up to 24 frets. With this in hand, a player may be able to hit higher chords without many difficulties.






  • Easy to play- this is because it has many frets and its comfort due to its arched top.
  • Durability- considering that chrome is corrosion resistant.
  • Appearance- they come in a variety of colors giving a variety of choices to its market
  • Affordable- it is cheap and affordable despite its quality.




  • Some guitars may need tuning before playing.



Top Verified Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

This is a gem.

Amazed at the quality for the price.

The head is absolutely beautiful with a matte black finish that resembles a much higher priced guitar. Chrome tuners look and function extremely well. I love that all the hardware from the bridge to the knobs and the tuners are all a dark gunmetal color.

The neck is outstanding for this price. It has that orangish maple neck like you see on way more expensive guitars.


The fretboard is great as well and pearlescent accents on the 12th fret really make this guitar look special and high quality. The actual frets and play with the neck are great.



Very fun to play.

The body is beautiful. I bought the walnut satin finish, and I love the way it looks. It looks like a very expensive dark wood that matches all the black hardware on the guitar.


The top of the body resembles a les paul with its concaved shape towards the action. It’s thinner around the edges and is smoothly thicker where the humbuckers and knobs are.



The Schecter C1 SGR Review Conclusion

From the info and reviews we have gathered, it is evident that Schecter C-1 SGR beginner electric guitar is the best and much more convenient guitar for any guitar player, either a pro or a beginner.

Right from the Start The SGR by Schecter C1 combine’s Schecter’s popular body style in an extremely affordable beginners package.

It may also be used as an element of art as it comes in different coloration representing a lot more than just playing guitar, like beauty for instance.


Furthermore, the Schecter C-1 is the guitar that will always be there no matter what, due to its durable nature.


Any new musician is usually looking for their first guitar always has one main thing in mind, great music, and sound. So, if you are in need of an excellent guitar and you want to make great music and much more than the Schecter C1 SGR electric guitar is the answer.

Playability, Style, Quality, and Inspiration….with a beginner’s guitar price tag.




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