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Parts of an Electric Guitar

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Parts Of An Electric Guitar

Parts of an Electric Guitar

All the parts of an electric guitar that you need to know…

It is important to get to know the parts of the guitar you are about to play on and create music with, so spend a little time and get to know the parts that make up your instrument.

If you are a beginner guitarist making your first steps into this exciting world of music than you will come across some terms and expressions that are usually used by tutors and musicians alike. You will need to know this terminology as it will be referred to quite a lot when learning to play the guitar.

Knowing the parts of an electric guitar will also come in handy when you go out looking for a guitar, so, you should be able to recognize and identify where these parts are situated on your electric guitar and what their main functions are so you can be aware of the specs you are getting.


Parts of an Electric Guitar

In the diagram you see below you can see all the parts that make up an electric guitar.

Parts of an Electric Guitar



The Head

The head (also known as the headstock) hold the tuning keys and it is where you actually tune the guitar.


The Neck

This is the part where you hold the guitar and it is probably one of the key parts in the anatomy of the electric guitar as the neck is also where you create the notes and chords as you press your fingers on what is known as the fretboard.


The Body

The body is one of the largest parts of the guitar and where almost everything happens. This is where you pluck or pick the strings to produce the sound and, together with the finger movement on the fretboard is how we make music.


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