Alesis Compact Kit 4 Electronic Drum Set

Alesis Compact Kit 4 Electronic Drum Set


Alesis Compact Kit 4 – A Portable 4-Pad Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit with Drumsticks & Built-In Learning Tools

Alesis Compact Kit 4This in-depth review will take you through the Alesis Compact Kit 4 Electronic Drum Set where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this portable drum kit is the one for you.

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Looking for a great quality affordable portable electronic drum set without Compromising on the quality?

This Alesis Compact Kit 4 Is The Recommended Choice…



October 9, 2018 $79.00 Free Visit Store Website

Alesis Compact Kit 4 - Portable 4-Pad Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit with Drumsticks & Built-In Learning Tools


The Alesis Compact Kit 4 Product Description

The Alesis CompactKit 4 is a tabletop electronic drumset that’s a great first kit for anyone learning the basics of drumming—you even get a pair of drumsticks.

Four pads deliver 80 percussions and effect sounds with realistic feel and response. To make sure you get the most out of them, the CompactKit 4 includes interactive game- and coach-modes that teach basic drum patterns and styles.

Even if you’ve never picked up a stick before, the visual feedback on the LCD screen makes it possible to train and get the fundamentals, so you can play along with the music of dozens of included songs. You can adjust the tempo to keep the difficulty level at the right amount of challenge, too.

The Alesis CompactKit 4’s lightweight, flat design makes it easy to set up around the house to play and then put out of the way when it’s not being used.

The all-in-one electronic drumset is also ready to travel on your flight and plug into the wall outlet when you get to your hotel room. Or you can put in six C batteries, so it can sit on a passenger’s lap during a road trip for up to six hours.

Either way, the built-in speakers and headphone output jack mean you can quickly switch between public performance and private practice—whatever fits the circumstances best.

It all adds up to make CompactKit 4 the perfect portable electronic drum kit for an aspiring rock star drummer, no matter their age.





The Alesis Compact Kit 4 Video Review


The Alesis CompactKit 4 Review

The Perfect Kit For The Aspiring Drummer…

The Alesis CompactKit 4 is a tabletop electronic drum kit with everything a young drummer needs to sharpen their skills on their way to drumming stardom!

Four velocity-sensitive drum pads deliver realistic drum sound with the feel and response of real drums.

There are dozens of built-in songs and rhythms, so any young percussionist can start playing along with the music right away—no need to wait for “the band” to come over!

With a music coach feature, an LCD screen and a built-in game function, CompactKit 4 guarantees to get you playing drums – and playing drums better – from the get-go!


Alesis Compact Kit 4

Alesis Compact Kit 4


The Alesis CompactKit 4 Features

✅ C batteries required (best with Polaroid C batteries)
✅ 4 velocity-sensitive pads provide realistic sound
✅ 70 percussion voices, 10 effect voices, and 50 play-along songs built in
✅ Coach feature displays notes on LCD and instructs user
✅ Play immediately with included drumsticks and AC adapter



alesis compact kit 4 best tabletop drum kit




The Alesis CompactKit 4 Pros

✅ Premium Sound Content
✅ Natural Feel
✅ Built-In Game Function
✅ Your Very Own Music Coach
✅ Ultra-Portable
✅ Everything you Need


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Verified Customer Reviews

A ‘MUST HAVE’ for any musical family
I’m a professional drummer who continued on to get an MA and teach piano/keyboard. This little kit is chock full of quality music and expert drumming instruction for all ages.

It is SO much fun, and I would expect it to be quite inspirational, and excellent basic training for any aspiring musician. Quality wise, I’d call it semi-professional. A beautiful toy, but so much more. It’s a blast.



The Alesis CompactKit 4 Conclusion

A great quality and FUN musical instrument for hours of inspirational drumming.

If you are looking for a great present that will not be forgotten that this Alesis Compact Kit 4 – Portable 4-Pad Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit is definitely the one to get.

It also comes with Drumsticks & Built-In Learning Tools to make things simple.



Alesis Compact Kit 4



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