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Glory Professional Alto Saxophone


A Best Selling Alto Sax by Glory

This Glory Professional Alto Saxophone is a high-quality musical instrument which is very popular among the beginner sax players mainly because of its weight and size which make it easy to handle and play. It is also the main reason for it being the tutors favorite when teaching beginners.


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March 25, 2018 $219.88 Free Visit Store Website

This Glory Professional Alto Eb Saxophone Gold Color With Laquer Finish is a high quality and cost-effective musical instrument.

So, whether you want to buy a saxophone for yourself, as your child’s first sax or as a present for a friend, this particular alto saxophone is a product of choice as a result of its high quality and cost-effective price.


Eb E-Flat Alto Saxophone has High F# .


Glory Professional Alto Saxophone comes in a pack which includes:

  • 11pc reeds
  • 8pc mouthpiece
  • cushion
  • hard-shell case
  • mouthpiece
  • neck strap
  • Grease
  • Screwdriver
  • cleaning cloth & rod
  • and a pair of gloves


This very affordable Alto Saxophone comes also comes with the following:

  1. Hand Engraved Bell Decoration
  2. High-Quality Leather Pads with Metal Resonators
  3. Adjustable Key Height Screws
  4. Metal Thumb Rest


The accurate sound hole positions enable the player’s fingers to rest comfortably and due to reasonable key layout and compact design, the saxophone can be easily played by both adult and children alike.

Before delivery, all the saxophones are tested by professionals and undergo a quality inspection in order to verify that they meet the highest musical standards.

Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone comes with a Gold Laquer Finish.


The Glory Alto Sax Conclusion

There are many alto saxophones on the market today but you will not find many at this quality at this very affordable price tag.

This Glory Alto Saxophone particular alto saxophone is a product of choice as a result of its high quality material and the strict quality control it goes through before leaving the factory.

Although this glory alto sax comes with a very affordable price tag it is of high quality and it is one of the best market sellers today.




34 mins ago

A TEACHERS REVIEW I bought 4 of these Glory Alto Saxophones recently for a band class I'm teaching this year for beginners at our small school in rural Alaska. Obviously the most compelling feature is the price (relative to many student models that start near or over $1,000), but I was also drawn by the overall decent reviews. Alto sax is the instrument I first learned to play almost exactly 30 years ago, on a "bundy" (Selmer company) student sax that I still have. It seems to me that what shoppers really need is a review written a year or two down the road after purchase, because it's easy to think one thing at first and then another thing a while later after putting some hours on the horn. So I intend to do a followup on this review in a year or two from now, and I will say how they held up under the abuse of my excitable students.

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