sopranino saxophone

Sopranino Saxophone


RS Berkeley SOPR500 Artist Series Eb Sopranino Saxophone with Case and Accessories


The sopranino saxophone is one of the smallest members of the saxophone family. It is tuned in the key of E♭, and sounds an octave higher than the alto saxophone.

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RS Berkeley SOPR500 Artist Series Eb Sopranino Saxophone


The sopranino saxophone has a sweet sound and although it is one of the least common of the saxophones in regular use today, it is still being produced by several of the major musical manufacturing companies. Due to their small size, sopraninos are not usually curved like other saxophones. Orsi, however, does make curved sopranino saxophones.


Being the highest representative of the original saxophone family, the sopranino sax is notable for its “juicy” and expressive sound, reminiscent of the sonority of the E♭ clarinet, but with a more tender tone.


The Sopranino Sax Tone Video Review:



The RS Berkeley SOPR500 Product Features

SOPR500 Eb sopranino saxophone

  • Beautiful lacquer-finished body
  • Sweet sound; octave above the alto
  • Comes in a durable, portable storage case with accessories
  • From RS Berkeley’s Artist Series collection of woodwind instruments
  • This sax also comes with Case and Accessories


Product description

RS Berkeley band instruments allow all players to benefit regardless of their playing level. Musicians trust Berkeley to provide instruments that maximize their playing ability and improve the clarity, intonation, and sound of their musical instruments while protecting their investment with the finest material at affordable prices.

This SOPR500 Artist Series Sopranino Saxophone includes the following features:

  • Lacquer finish
  • Mouthpiece
  • And durable case.


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34 mins ago

Small and nifty sax, great to play on and very enjoyable. Go for the more affordable ones they play just as good as the expensive brand names.

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