Soprano Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone


Soprano Saxophone Product Review

This is the legendary and very popular Soprano Saxophone, it is a higher-register range of the saxophones and it’s the 3rd smallest member of the saxophone family.

The Soprano Saxophone is a very well built musical instrument emitting amazing soft sounds in B flat.

As opposed to the other types of saxophones, the Soprano is a straight sax and although the brass is one of the most known saxophone features, you can find this sax in an array of different and vibrant colors.



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The Soprano Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone Brass Straight Sax Bb B Flat Natural Shell Key Carve Pattern

This is the legendary and very popular straight Soprano Saxophone


the straight soprano saxophone


The Soprano Sax Product Review 

This review is all about the Soprano Saxophone, it is mainly used in orchestras and is known to be a well constructed and solid instrument.

The straight Soprano Saxophone gives you a professional quality horn with many advantages like:

  • Consistency
  • Easy To Play
  • Fast ergonomic key layout for fast fingering
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Rich Sound
  • And a Warm Tone


The Soprano Product Features:

These are the main premium features that you will find in the Soprano Saxophone.

  • This sax is made of high-quality brass.
  • It is a B flat straight soprano saxophone.
  • The Soprano has a stylish surface design with beautiful carve pattern.
  • Durable leather pads which are tighter and more water resistant.
  • Natural shell key inlays, give a comfortable feeling to your fingers.


Other Great Features Of The Soprano 

 High-Quality Brass

The brass quality has a great impact on the overall instrument and will also have an effect on the sound output. This Soprano Sax is made of the highest quality brass and is assembled by hand to ensure you get a well built and highest-quality saxophone.


Stylish Design

This sax is also very well designed with a stylish surface look with carve patterns to make it stand out. The keys have also been in-layed with natural shells to give it a “wow” look and also designed in a way to give the musician a better and more comfortable feel with the keys.


This package will also include the following as a bonus:

soprano saxophone bonus pack

  • 1 * Soprano Saxophone
  • 2 * Sax Necks
  • 1 * Mouthpiece
  • 1 * Mouthpiece Cap
  • 1 * Saxophone Strap
  • 1 * Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 * Cleaning Rod
  • 1 * Pair of Gloves
  • 2 * Case Belt
  • 1 * Carrying Case



Video Review

Straight Vs Curved Soprano – A Video You Need To Watch



Frequently Asked Customer Questions And Answers

Question: Does this come with a mouthpiece?

Answer: Every Soprano Saxophone comes with a mouthpiece in the package bonus.


Question: Does it really come like that?

Answer: The sax comes exactly as you see in the picture.


Question: Does it come with reeds

Answer: Yes, the reeds are included with the horn.

Top Verified Customer Reviews

Looks great and works well, great sound output. I am more than happy with my soprano.


Purchased as 1st sax so no experience with similar instruments, but looks great and works well.


Love this instrument, couldn’t be happier and at that price, wow!



Soprano Sax Conclusion

As you can see from the review above, the soprano saxophone is a great instrument. It is not usually a beginner’s sax and is mainly used for the classical music although artists like Kenny G have also been known to use it in Jazz.


It is a straight saxophone with a very distinctive sound unlike the others in the woodwind family of saxophones. The prices for this horn can range into the thousands of Dollars but as a beginner, you can find them both new and used for a fraction of the cost… See Link Below.



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