The alto saxophone is musical instrument from the saxophone group of wind instruments, it is also alluded to as the alto sax. The alto sax has in recent years turned out to be extremely mainstream in music for instance in Rock music and in Jazz with some of the greatest hit being performed with the use of the alto sax.




As previously stated, the alto sax is mostly used in Jazz but due to its soft amazing sound, it ia also commonly used in orchestras (symphonies), in choral and opera music, it is also used in concert bands especially in powerful music shows all over the world and most importantly most melodic performance center scores use the alto sax with other music instruments thus the alto sax fills as the center point that blends the other instruments.




The alto saxophone has the following features;

Ribs- they reinforce the body and balance out the keys.

Smooth thumb rest.

Lyre box.

Thumb hook that can be adjusted.

Adjustment screws.

Under slung crook.





  1. Jean Paul AS-400


This brand has solid, all round created keys and quality reeds that assists it keep up an extremely strong tone that is predictable. Its key work is easy to understand thus it is good for the learners. This brand is of a reasonable price and at the same time caters for the first timer needs. It is light and easy to store and convey around in the hard case it comes with.


  1. Yamaha YAS-280


This brand is made in a simple way that is easy to learn, it is light, convenient and easy to handle, it also gives phenomenal hand positions to a young player. Its tone is all around and smooth thus anyone can create awesome tones reliably when using it, its neck is steadier thus backing the learning of young players.It also has an adaptable thumb rest that makes it playable.


  1. Cecilio Alto sax


This brand has all the keys one needs to learn, it has a major bore that favors new players. Before entering the market it is usually tested in the production line to iron out any mishaps that may come up in the instrument. It is also perfect for teachers and comes with a one year warranty. It is also furnished with a chromatic tuner that is anything but difficult to peruse and comes with a convenient booklet with essential data about the alto sax. It is very light and delivers a warm tone with the provided mouthpiece, there are sufficient accomplices to keep you playing for a while.


  1. Legacy intermediate alto sax


It is designed in a way that will keep you going for whatever time you need it requiring insignificant support and cleaning every once in a while. The manufacturer offers a two year warranty to customers thus there is no stress of damage. It also has straps that enable one to carry it around easily.




  1. It is a very affordable sax.
  2. It is easy to play hence ideal for learners.
  3. It is not too big to carry around.
  4. It is readily available in the market.




  1. It has to be played with another instrument.
  2. It is cumbersome since it needs to be cleaned every other time.