ALTO SAXOPHONES – A Trumpeters First Choice

Alto saxophoneAlto saxophones are made by a lot of manufacturers, and this affects the overall quality and price. This is one big reason why carrying out research is very important before buying any saxophone online.

Search for the top brands and the price range of their products, and you might find the perfect one for you. But we know you are not a big fan of researching, so we did it for you!





The alto saxophone is a member of the saxophone family in the brass family/woodwind instruments. It was invented by Adolphe Sax, a Belgian instrument designer in the 1840s. He patented his design in 1846.

The alto sax is an E-flat instrument, and it is smaller in size than the tenor sax but larger than the soprano sax. It is commonly used in bands, chamber music, solos, military bands, jazz, and lots more.



There are tons of saxophone brands one can rely on, while some others are a complete waste of money. Here are a few brands to consider:


This is one of the best producers of saxophones in the world. They are rivaled by none of the other producers in the market, and they hold on to the history they have had since the 19th century where Henri Selmer created his clarinet reed and mouthpiece business. Make sure your next purchase is a Selmer.

This is a new brand of saxophone, and it was founded in 1996. It was founded by Sheryl Laukat and Tevis, due to the desire they had to create perfect instruments for beginners and pros alike. They manufacture the sax in Taiwan, then send them to the US for hand customizations. They also play test the instrument to ensure its quality is in check before sending it to the market.

This is one of the most respected worldwide brands, and it is safe to say that one can rely on the products they make. They usually produce for professionals, and this is clear in terms of the tone and maneuverability of their products.

This brand was founded in 1896, and they were a brasswind company at that time. They are part of the top saxophone production companies, and their products have gained professional recognition worldwide. It is believed they include bronze to the build of the sax to create a warm and resonant tone.

KHS established Jupiter in the 1980s as a distributor of their woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Today, they stand on their own and are making some serious moves in the business.

This is one of the top dogs in the saxophone producing business. They are known for producing quality instruments at a very low price. The only downside they have is that their products are not popular among professionals.



The price of an alto saxophone depends on the level of play the saxophone was created for. Alto saxophones for beginners would be around $300. However, experienced or professional players would need a minimum of $1,000 to get a saxophone that fits their play.



The alto saxophone is an easy to handle instrument and very well priced which is why they are so popular and sought after as a beginner’s first instrument.

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