Lazarro Alto Saxophone Review

Are You looking for your new Alto Saxophone to fulfill all your musical needs? This Lazarro Alto Saxophone is the perfect musical instrument for You. Multi color delights that instantly brighten up your day. 

“It looks and sounds great at an affordable price.”
I don't know much about instruments but this sax was a great deal my son loves it and his peers along with mine. The sound is great and he sounds semi pro already, great value.
alto saxophone for beginners
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Beautifully Designed

This Lazarro Alto Saxophone  is made from Real Brass and comes with high quality leather pads with metal resonators, an adjustable key height screws and a metal thumb rest.  

It has a high F# and front F key and to top it all off  it has a beautifully hand engraved bell decoration.

The free accessories

  • Lightweight Hard
  • Plush Case
  • Mouthpiece
  • Free Reed
  • Ligature
  • Cork Grease
  • Screwdriver
  • Neck Strap
  • Cleaning Swab
  • Soft Cleaning Cloth
  • White Gloves

The lazarro alto saxophone video review

This exceptional and beautiful Lazarro Saxophone comes in 22 different vibrant colors. You can also hear the sound it produced which is second to none. 

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The Lazarro Alto Sax Product Review

Why You should buy the Lazarro Alto sax!

Lazarro Alto Saxophone Review- The Best Choice for Beginners


Lazarro Professional Black-Gold Keys Eb E Flat Alto Saxophone SaxIf you are a beginner musician and are looking for an Alto Saxophone that offers you the best learning experiences, Lazarro could be the perfect choice for you.

The Alto Saxophone by Lazarro could be one of the best saxophones if you are a student and just beginning to learn to play this extraordinary musical instrument.

Why could Lazarro Alto Saxophone be the perfect Sax for You?

lazarro alto saxophoneBeing the main instrument in the saxophone series, and hence you cannot go on with learning music if you are not comfortable with and Alto Saxophone. 

It also enables you to switch to more intricate and small saxophones after you have mastered the skills.

The Lazarro music instruments have been popular for quite some time due to their well-balanced music and superior quality. 

This Lazarro Alto Sax is one of the most versatile saxophones and is readily used in the most popular concert bands, marching bands, solo music, and jazz among others.

You can play all the different types of music with this Lazarro saxophone including jazz, classic and rock & roll among others.

The Main Features of Lazarro Alto Saxophone

  • With a high F# and a front F key, this Lazarro Alto Saxophone can help you master your learning lessons.
  • This Lazarro Saxophone is made out of real brass material and is extremely durable.
  • This instrument is lighter than you can imagine and gives you the best quality balanced music.
  • To give your saxophones a personalized touch, Lazarro musical instruments offer you to pick from 24 different colors with silver or gold keys.
  • The saxophones have superior designs and come with hand engraved bell decorations and faux mother of pearls inlays to make them visually appealing.
  • This Lazarro Alto Saxophone also comes with an Italian leather pad which has metallic resonators. This also has adjustable key height screws and metallic thumb rests for extra convenience.

This product also comes with a great beginners package which includes all the necessary accessories you will need such as:
Lazarro alto sax accessories


Lazarro Alto Saxophone

  • Mouthpiece with Reed.
  • Cap and Ligature.
  • Fabric Case.
  • Neck Strap.
  • Cleaning Cloth.
  • Reeds Holder.
  • Cleaning Rod.
  • White Gloves.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Cork Grease
  • Tweezers

The Lazarro Alto Sax Product Description

The best beginners sax! - the lazarro alto

Lazarro Alto Saxophone Professional Black-Gold Keys Eb E Flat Alto SaxophoneYou don’t need to go through a lot of pain to rent a saxophone or shell out a lot of money to buy one with this pocket friendly and very affordable Alto Lazarro Saxophone.

Even though it doesn’t have a big brand name and is not as well known to a lot of people as say the Yamaha brand, it comes with the best features all the other brand products but at a very reasonable price.

You can check out the features of the product at and decide for yourself!

If you have read through a few other Alto Sax Reviews than you have already encountered some of their features. The following list will go through the main advantages the Lazarro sax has:

Advantages of the Lazarro:

  • Perfect for a beginner because of its extremely light weight
  • Produces high quality balanced music
  • Comes at a price everyone can afford
  • Built is of good quality and durable
  • Comes with a decent case and accessories
  • Available in 24 different colors to pick from
  • Manufactured as per international standards and are manually checked before coming to you
  • Comes with a 3 month warranty against manufacturing defects

Draw backs:

  • More suited for student level musicians
  • Few non-technical users have encountered assembly issues

The Lazarro Saxophone Conclusion

Lazarro Alto Saxophone is a decent alto saxophone that is perfectly suited for musicians looking for their first instruments or the ones looking for an upgrade. 

This Lazarro Saxophone is cost effective saxophone and comes in a variety of colors so that you can feel a personal connection with it. 

With all the fancy features, Lazarro Alto Saxophone is a great purchase!

Most frequent questions and answers

We highly recommend you to hear the excellent sound that the Lazarro Saxophones produces, you will surely understand that this is also great for intermediates too.

We woould not recommend this for children, it is a beginners sax and it is most suited for students as well as adults.

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