Soprano Saxophone: The Mendini by Cecilio Saxophone Review



mendini cecilio soprano saxophoneMendini Cecilio 2Series SS-280BNN Black & Nickel Plated Soprano Saxophone

Mendini soprano saxophone is yet another exceptional musical instrument delivered by the renowned Cecilio brand. It was mainly designed to play jazz music, but it is adaptable to other music genres as well.



This is a review about the Mendini by Cecilio Saxophone, We would especially recommend it to either beginner saxophone players, or those for musicians looking for a secondary woodwind instrument and are looking to venture out and try something exceptional.



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Customer Review

Cecilio 2Series soprano saxophone is the perfect instruments for the student musicians and a great addition to any level player’s arsenal.



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Main features of the Mendini by Cecilio saxophone

Mendini Cecilio 2Series SS-280BNN Soprano Saxophone

  • The large bore gives it a deep, full-bodied sound
  • The saxophone is assembled from more than 300 handmade parts
  • All parts were produced and tested by Cecilio
  • It features a somewhat unique curved shape, preferred by some players
  • Available in black nickel and gold colors
  • Comes with a one year warranty for all defects caused in the manufacturing process
  • The instrument’s dimensions are 26x13x7 inches
  • Due to its sturdy and durable construction, it weighs almost 10 pounds



When we look at all of these features, we can say that the Mendini soprano saxophone truly exceeded our expectations. It is not only “good for the price,” it is way more than that. Both the sound and design are top quality.




A Great Video Review and Excellent Soprano Sounds




As this great Cecilio saxophone is primarily made with the beginner sax player in mind, the manufacturer has put together a great starter package which includes all the added products you would need to purchase separately into a bundle pack to make things easier for you.


Cecilio Soprano Sax Package Bundle Includes:

Cecilio Soprano Sax Package Accessories Bundle

  • Rugged hard-shell case forged from lightweight nylon.
  • Chromatic tuner and metronome, with a large LCD screen.
  • Convenient neck strap.
  • A pocket-size guidebook, with all necessary information about the product.
  • Additional accessories such as a mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, a pair of gloves, ten reeds and cork






This Also Comes With A High-Quality Carry Case

soprano saxophone case
The Mendini Soprano Sax Carry Case



Cecilio Soprano Saxophone Vs Ammoon Soprano Saxophone


The differences and advantages of the Cecilio Soprano Saxophone when compared to the Ammoon Soprano Saxophone:


The Ammoon soprano saxophone also markets as an excellent product choice for beginners, however, considering that it comes at the same price as the Mendini soprano saxophone, we would say that the product from Cecilio is probably a better option.


The instrument from Ammon also comes with many accessories and will suffice for non-experienced players. Nevertheless, it lacks some of the features that are unique to the Mendini soprano saxophone.


The first advantage of the Cecilio saxophone is definitely the sound. While the sound of this instrument is of exceptionally high quality, the one from Ammon is commonly described only as “good enough.” Furthermore, many users report that they had issues with some parts while assembling the Ammon soprano saxophone, while that is not the case with the Mendini Soprano Saxophone, the Ammoons direct competitor.


We do believe the Ammon soprano saxophone would suffice for newbie musicians. However, that being said, if you are buying your first sax you should probably opt for the Cecilio soprano horn if you want to play your saxophone for a more extended period. That is mostly because many intermediate players also praised its sound and quality of built.




The Pros & Cons Of The Cecilio Soprano Saxophone




  • Perfect for both beginners and intermediate players
  • Great price and high value
  • Comes with a significant number of additional accessories
  • Provides even intonation through the full range
  • Surprisingly well built, considering its price
  • A standard recommendation by Saxophone instructors all over the world
  • Performs well in both practice and concert scenarios




  • The sound quality might suffice for experienced players
  • Some players might prefer a better mouthpiece



Conclusion & Final Thoughts on the Mendini Saxophone Review


Mendini Cecilio 2Series Soprano SaxophoneTo conclude, the Mendini Soprano Saxophone is one of the top choices in this price range.


It will be an excellent instrument for those who just began their playing journey. Furthermore, it is durable and provides a much more vibrant and deeper sound from its competitors. Thus, it will last you a long time.


We mentioned that this product is for the beginner soprano sax player, however, from the many customer reviews we have encountered the sound quality this musical instrument produces has also been very satisfactory even with the intermediate soprano sax players.


There are many different saxophone types available to the beginner musician but this is truly an exceptional product and well worth the small investment.


The Mendini by Cecilio saxophone has hundreds of positive customer reviews, who corroborate on the surprisingly good quality of this instrument. We would recommend it to anyone who is planning to buy their first saxophone.


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