Soprano Saxophone Brands Review


the straight soprano saxophoneSoprano Saxophone Brands – For more than a century, the saxophone has been an instrument which has continuously been making beautiful music.

In those years, there were not as many saxophone brands as we have today but the ones that were around then provided some of the most famous and incredible musicians the best musical instruments to make their sax music.

These are instruments they were able to use in making their music and letting the world hear it.

For a musician, you only want the best soprano saxophone. But before that, it’s important to gain a little more about this magical instrument. This article introduces to you some of the most important details about soprano sax.



What is a Soprano Saxophone?

This is an instrument that’s a little different than other saxophones. This is because soprano sax has a bit of a higher note range than ordinary saxophones.  In the list of note ranges from highest to lowest, the soprano sax finds its place in the third place.

Within the saxophone family, the size comparison is also vital. The higher the sax’s range, the smaller it is going to be. Even in look and design, the soprano sax is quite different. Soprano sax’s common design is that of a straight body. It leaves out the elbow and from the body, it goes straight into the bell.



Music with Soprano Sax

The soprano sax is often used in classical music but today, they can be used in the rock genre. In the classical music, soprano sax is used as solo and chamber instrument. However, it can also be used in orchestra and concert band. They use it in the saxophone quartet where it plays a lead role.


Best Soprano Saxophone Music




Main Features of Soprano Sax

  • Straight Models
  • Fixed, or 1 or 2 detachable necks
  • Length is around 25-26”
  • Curved Models
  • Fixed or detachable neck
  • Length is around 18-19”


Soprano Sax vs. Alto Sax

  •        Soprano sax has much brighter timbre than alto sax
  •        Soprano sax is capable of playing sixth higher in range compared to alto sax
  •        Soprano sax is in the key of Bb while alto sax is in the key of Eb


Soprano Sax Pros

  •        Fun musical instrument
  •        Easy to play early on
  •        Very easy to catch on
  •        Great sound
  •        Beautiful design


Best Soprano Saxophones

When looking for a soprano saxophone for sale, factors such as your preferences and budget matter. This musical instrument has a wide range with price from hundreds to several thousand. No reason to spend a lot of money when you can buy a good one at a slightly cheaper price.


1. Mendini by Cecilio

Mendini Soprano SaxophoneMendini is one of the best soprano saxophone brands, with incredible choices at reasonable prices. Available are soprano saxophones for beginners, intermediate and expert levels.


This brand features an amazing quality of finish, placement, and construction.


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2. Merano

Merano Soprano SaxophoneThis brand is a popular option for quality but cheap soprano sax. They cater to beginners, students, intermediate and also professionals.


With competitive pricing, this brand is a popular option although it has quite a thin brass so the sound may not be as good.


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3. Ammoon

ammoon soprano saxophoneThis is another brand providing quality instrument without expensive prices. The Ammoon soprano sax uses high-quality bronze with a stunning finish.

They also feature beautiful carve designs along with bluing steel needle and leather pads, both being water resistant.

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4. Yamaha YVS-100 Venova  

Yamaha YVS-100 Venova Soprano SaxophoneYamaha creates some of the best saxophones suitable for beginners. They are a brand known for perfect intonation.


Every new soprano saxophone released from this brand improves a lot. One of their important features is its shape for easy play and hold. This Beautifully designed Venova uses soprano reeds.


Keep in mind all this information to find the best soprano saxophone for your new music endeavor.

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If you are looking for a great Soprano saxophone for sale at a very affordable price then check out the list above where you can read a detailed review on the different types of saxophones brands on the market today.