The Amazing Ammoon B Flat Brass Cornet for the Sophisticated Musician


A beautifully designed brass cornet for the beginner player with all the accessories you will ever need in one bundle.

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This in-depth review will take you through the Ammoon B Flat Brass Cornet where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this Cornet is the one for you.


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So if you are looking for a great quality affordable brass Cornet without Compromising on the sound and quality? This Ammoon Cornet Is The Recommended Choice…



brass cornet In the world of cornets, you would find that every product is made with the best quality. Not to justify the Ammoon B Flat Cornet Brass but to indicate how stiff the competition is for one particular cornet to stand out from the crowd.

The Ammoon B Flat Cornet Brass is a professional B flat cornet with cupronickel inflexion. It is made with brass of the highest quality and lacquered with gold finish. This is one beautiful looking cornet and those that have seen it would be able to testify to this. As far as beauty is concerned, this cornet is doing fine.

However, one thing that makes the Ammoon B Flat Cornet Brass stand out is that it backs up its aesthetics with a number of remarkable features that most players would like – who want to play a beautiful cornet with poor sound? Certainly no one! Achieving this feat is not something you see every day on entry-level products.

You can only find them on high priced products, and it is very remarkable what the Ammoon B Flat Cornet Brass brings to the table. It is made with excellent workmanship to produce a warm and mellow tone – a nice way to back up its beauty.



With all the talk about beauty and mellow tone, it is expected that we talk about the kind of players that this cornet is suitable for.

You might have guessed it – it is made specifically for beginners. It is cheap and comes with a number of cool features that would suit their level of play just right. One of the reasons it is ranked as perfect for beginners is because of the number of accessories it comes with.

There is no denying that the player would have to get accessories to use with the cornet, and Ammoon did well to chip in a few important accessories to save the player some money and give them their first lesson on the main accessories they need to use the cornet.

These accessories include:

  • A pair of gloves
  • A carrying case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Brushes
  • Grease


The Ammoon Brass Cornet Main Features

We have been mentioning how beautiful this cornet looks all day, and it is obvious that you want more than just beauty. This is why we have compiled a few of its outstanding features that would interest you.

✅ SIZE: one of the remarkable things about this cornet is its size. It is 13.7 by 6.3 inches – which is relatively small enough to be carried around easily. Nothing beats portable musical equipment; since you would have to go to rehearsals and some small gigs.

The hard case it comes with should help you a lot in this regard. Besides, the Ammoon B Flat Brass Cornet is barely 2 lbs. and that should not be a problem to carry around.


✅ ACCESSORIES: we can never overemphasize how this is a very remarkable feature. A lot of youngsters, and by youngsters, we mean players that are new to the instrument regardless of age, would find this attractive as they might not have much knowledge on the accessories they need to keep the instrument in good working condition for a long time.

These accessories include one carrying case, three brushes, one cleaning cloth, grease, mouthpiece, and a pair of gloves.


✅ FINISH: if you have been following this thread from the beginning, you wouldn’t be surprised to see this. There is not a lot to say about the finish of the Ammoon B Flat Cornet Brass except that it is awesome.

It has a glossy gold lacquer finish gives it a more pronounced appearance, and makes it look more expensive than it actually is!



✅ Easy to play: one of the things that make the Ammoon B Flat Cornet Brass popular is that it is very easy to play. It is made with fine brass, and it has a nice 4.6 inches bell that makes the sound more resonant than you would expect.

✅ Durability: cornets made with brass and cupronickel are known to be durable. There is not much to say other than this cornet would last a while with you if properly managed.

✅ Appearance: there is no doubt that this is one of the finest cornets you can find on the market.

✅ Affordable: this cornet comes at $148.99 on most online platforms you enter. It is a great type of investment for the beginner who can’t afford some high priced equipment.

✅ Features: the features of the Ammoon B Flat Cornet Brass mentioned above are quite remarkable, and there is no doubt that you should get your own as soon as possible.


Verified Customer Reviews

Great Value Cornet for Students and Occasional players.

Arrived well packaged, a little valve oil and we were away, no problems. The Cornet is very well made with a good finish for the price and really surprised me as to how well the instrument played. It,s $148 so doesn’t play like something 30 times more expensive.
Overall great value and more than adequate for a student to advance to a competent level.



The Ammoon Brass Cornet Conclusion

There are a few great cornets for beginners in the market, and this one is one of them.

It is very attractive, affordable, and packed with a lot of features that you would love to harness as a beginner. You should get one today and invest in your career as a cornet player!

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