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Eastar Gold Trumpet E-380


Eastar Gold Trumpet Brass ETR-380 Standard Bb Trumpet

Eastar Gold Trumpet E-380This in-depth review will take you through the Eastar Gold – The Bb Trumpet ETR-380 Standard Brass Bb Trumpet where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this instrument is the one for you.

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Looking for a great quality affordable Brass Bb Trumpet without Compromising on the quality?

This Eastar Gold Trumpet Brass ETR-380 Standard Bb Trumpet Is the Recommended Choice…


Eastar Gold Trumpet Product Review

With the vast number of trumpets in the market today, there is no doubt that the Eastar Gold trumpet is among the most popular. It has an amazing timbre, and its sound is excellent. It is a B-flat trumpet that produces a very bright tone that is very sonorous and powerful. You can use it in a studio, at a live performance, or just for practice purposes.

However, it doesn’t matter where you use this trumpet. It has a high sound quality, and would definitely deliver the desired results.


The Eastar Gold Trumpet Gallery Pictures

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Is The Eastar Gold Trumpet An Affordable Instrument?

The Eastar Gold trumpet is very affordable and it is priced at just over the $100 mark on most online platforms. However, the price may vary based on a lot of factors. A trumpet designed like the Eastar Gold trumpet is equipped with a lot of features despite its low price. It is built to give students a tone and feel similar to high-end trumpets.

This is something you might not find on other trumpets in the same price range.


Who Is Eastar Gold Trumpet Best For?

The Eastar Gold trumpet is a student trumpet designed with some cool features to make playing and learning easy. One of these features is the valve design. Its patented valve system does its best to ensure that suction does not occur when pressed or in the premise of maintenance.

This makes playing the instrument easier and smoother. But one must also consider the design and other parts of the trumpet. Other features such as air tightness and the white faux mother of pearl inlaid buttons are also contributors to the splendid nature of the Eastar Gold trumpet.



✅ QUALITY VALVES: the valves of the Eastar Gold trumpet have a good rebound. In some cases, oil is applied to it to provide a smoother feel when pressure is applied. However, note that all the internal parts of the pipes are cleaned three times with an ultrasonic wave.

✅ CLEAN SOUND: one of the amazing features of the Eastar Gold trumpet is the cleanliness of its sound. Trumpets in the low price range usually have a rough, shabby sound. But the Eastar Gold trumpet makes the difference.

✅ DURABILITY: the Eastar brand is a brand with over 20 years in the trumpet making business. Their reputation supersedes them, and this is quite visible in all of their products. Each product is strictly tested twice before delivery to ensure that the quality of the product is intact.


The Eastar Gold Trumpet – PROS

✅ Easy to play: made specifically for students and beginners
✅ Durability: double-tested for quality and durability before delivering to the buyer
✅ Appearance: fine and perfect lacquered finish in two colors; gold and nickel
✅ Affordable: a nice investment for a beginner
✅ Features: a lot of features that meet the majority of the player’s needs



Are you a music student with a passion for playing the trumpet but cannot afford to buy a high-end trumpet? The Eastar Gold trumpet is the best option for you as a student. It is quite cheap, yet it offers you most of the qualities a high-end trumpet would offer.

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Eastar Gold Trumpet E-380




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