Mendini MTT-30CN Nickel Plated B Flat Trumpet

This in-depth review will take you through the Mendini MTT-30CN nickel-plated trumpet where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this B flat trumpet is the one for you.


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Looking for a great quality affordable trumpet without Compromising on the quality? This Mendini MTT-30CN nickel plated trumpet Is The Recommended Choice…


There are lots of trumpets in the market, but this is one outstanding trumpet. Maybe you might have noticed its nickel plating – if not, then check again! The gold and nickel plating are a major contributor to its aesthetics and overall weight.

This is why a lot of young musicians love this trumpet.


To break it down, The Mendini MTT-30CN nickel plated trumpet by Cecilio is a nickel plated trumpet. It offers students an upper hand in their music because it is sturdy with a medium-large bore, a rose-brass lead-pipe, and a double-braced design.

It comes with a number of monel valves that ensure a smooth and responsive action whenever the trumpet is played. There is also an adjustable 3rd slide lock to get precise intonation and prevent the slide from slipping. Those that consider getting this trumpet are in for more than just a trumpet!

Mendini MTT-30CN Nickel Plated Intermediate Double-Braced Bb Trumpet Accessories There are a lot of accessories in the pack of the trumpet such as the pro-deluxe hard case. This hard case is quite lightweight, and it is made with a durable plush-lined nylon covering to prevent it from wearing over time.

The hard case comes with a zipper pocket and a backpack strap, and these would serve you well when you are on the go. Other accessories in the pack include the soft polishing cloth and a pair of gloves.

This is an enticing product, but you should consider getting it so that you can harness the 1-year warranty it comes with!



Is The Mendini MTT-30CN Nickel Plated Trumpet For Me?

So who is the trumpet for? Disregarding the price and other aspects of the trumpets, we should recall from its name that it is an intermediate level trumpet. For one, the price seems a bit small.

However, considering all that it brings to the table, there is nothing else to say other than to appreciate the way the Mendini by Cecilio brand is trying to help intermediate trumpet players to afford trumpets that are better than entry level trumpets.

To be honest, this trumpet is an opportunity that most intermediate trumpet players must grab as soon as possible – good things often go scarce quick you know!


The Mendini MTT-30CN Nickel Plated Trumpet Main Features

There is a lot to say regarding this trumpet, and there is no denying that its features are remarkable. We are not able to discuss all the features, but we can touch a few.

SIZE: trumpets come in different sizes. They differ in length, bore size, mouthpiece, and many more aspects. However, this intermediate level trumpet by Mendini comes with a 5-inch bell and 0.46-inch bore. This bore and bell combination can lead to some wonderful resonant sounds especially when the trumpet is handled by a player in the upper level of intermediate.

ACCESSORIES: one of the things that makes this trumpet a great buying option for intermediate trumpet players is that it saves a lot of money on buying accessories. It comes with a pocketbook with fingering charts, tuner, drills, polishing cloth, gloves, valve oil, and stand. Buying these separately would surely have its toll on your funds.



Easy to play: this is due to the presence of the monel valves on the trumpet. These are known to make play easier. The overall design of the trumpets also plays its part.

Durability: a trumpet made with rose brass and plated with nickel would surely spend a while with you before packing up. At least, it is strong enough to withstand the hustles and tussles of carrying the trumpet to gigs and rehearsals.

Appearance: you are more likely to fall in love with this trumpet the more you stare at it. Its nickel plating mixed with some golden parts is just extremely attractive.

Affordable: this is one of the best, yet affordable trumpets in the market for intermediates. It comes at a whopping price of $179.99 and would make a great investment for whoever buys it at that price.

Features: there are a lot of features we discussed above, and it is clear that this trumpet is one of the few in its price range that has more to offer.


Verified Customer Reviews

Great horn! Professionally recommended.

This is a nice trumpet! Our band instructor is very picky and doesn’t hesitate to rip apart other horns in front of the entire band if they do not meet his expectations. He sent this horn listing to all the parents in the band. As a suggestion. It plays well, with a nice warm tone. It is not blatty or too harsh sounding. And is well balanced in the hands. And it is beautiful.



The Mendini MTT-30CN Nickel Plated Trumpet Conclusion


There have been several reviews about this trumpet on several online platforms, and there are more positive reviews than you would expect.

This is an all in one trumpet kit for the beginner and intermediate student, it has great sound output, it is easy to handle and play and made of high-quality materials which will last for many years to come… A Great Trumpet At An Affordable Price…

A lot of band leaders are pleased with the sound of this trumpet, and it is more likely that your audience is pleased with its sound too! Just don’t really on sound at the expense of developing your skills.

Your skills are what make a great sound in general!


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