pocket trumpetA pocket trumpet is a type of trumpet that has a compact size, but with the regular playing range of the regular trumpet.

It has the same tube length as the regular trumpet. The only difference between them is that its tubing is tighter than that of the regular trumpet. The tightness is to reduce its size but retaining the characteristic sound of the regular instrument.

This pocket trumpet has a smaller bell diameter than a standard one. Due to its features, it is not found in concerts and orchestras. Most professionals regard it as a ‘novelty trumpet.’ The Pocket trumpet is usually found in practice sessions because it is easy to pack into a suitcase.

This small size makes it easy to carry to places that taking standard trumpets might be a problem. But size might not have been the reason for its occasional use by jazz soloists; among others, to add some variety to their music.



✅ 5 inches bell diameter

✅ 0.460 to 0.468 inches bore diameter

✅ 7 inches height

✅ 9.5 inches length


The idea to reduce the size of a trumpet didn’t come without considerations of the tube length. This is seen in older 19-century models of the cornet. It led to the production of pocket cornets which have since then been used in marching bands.

The distinction of the pocket trumpet is that its design varies depending on the type, and this affects its overall tone and playability. However, there are just two basic designs.


✅ The Standard Bell and Bore size design: this originated in the United States in the late 1960s. It was taken from the design of Louis Duda; a trumpet builder, and manufactured by the Benge Trumpet company. Since then, this trumpet has been dubbed as the gold standard to measure other professional pocket trumpets.

✅ The Reduced Bell and Bore size design: this originated in the 19th century’s pocket cornet design. It has poor intonation and lacks dynamic and timbral range. One major problem of this type is that a standard mute can’t be applied to it because its bell is not the standard size.


All in all, pocket trumpets are often used for more of practicing than for gigs. However, some soloists use it as an auxiliary instrument, especially in Dixieland bands, jazz, and some studio recordings. Visit here for Trumpet for Beginners



The price of the pocket trumpet ranges from $120 to $5,000 depending on the brand and the platform it is sold.

Just for convenience, here are some pocket trumpet manufacturers and their respective trumpets to give you a hint of what names to look for in the market.

  • Carol Brass CPT-300LR B-flat (Taiwan)
  • TRISTAR TR-07 B-flat (India)
  • Kanstul CCT-905 B-flat (United States)
  • Cecilio 77-MT B-flat (China)
  • Stagg 77-MT B-flat (Flemish manufacture)
  • Marcinkiewicz Vermeer B-flat (United States)
  • Jupiter 416 B-flat (Taiwan)
  • Marinelli 6500L
  • Benge Colibri B-flat (United States)
  • Amati ATR 314 B-flat (Czech Republic)


These trumpets brands are what you should look for when you go trumpet shopping!

Thumbs up to the Pocket Trumpet.



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