Queen Brass Flugelhorn – Brass Finish B Flat

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The Beautiful Queen Brass Flugelhorn – Perfectly Designed For Brilliance


This in-depth review will take you through the Queen Brass Flugelhorn where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this instrument is the one for you.

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The Queen Brass Flugelhorn Product Description

Queen Brass Flugelhorn
Queen Brass Flugelhorn

There is nothing more beautiful than the Queen Brass Flugelhorn. It is a b flat flugelhorn with brass finish, and it is designed to look as beautiful as it can even at a low price. There are a lot of flugelhorns in the market, but only a few are like this one!

It is a 3 valve flugelhorn made for students that are enthusiastic in upgrading their instrument to match their skills. Even beginners can use it too – it is a great way to invest in your music, and you also get to use better equipment than your peers.

One of the things that astonish players about the Queen Brass Flugelhorn is that its three valves have this Punjabi look! A lot of players find this interestingly beautiful, but little do they know that the valves are the major contributors to its dark and mellow tone – what do you expect from a Punjabi-like flugelhorn?

Certainly not a high pitched and bright tone! However, if you are not impressed by this flugelhorn yet, then you should consider all that it comes with. There is no doubt that a lot of people like this flugelhorn. It is a bit surprising that you are still not convinced of all it has to offer! However, we would give you all you need to know to get convinced.



Who Is The Queen Brass Flugelhorn For?

One of the first things you would like to know is who this flugelhorn is designed for. There is a lot of debate on this flugelhorn, and it is clear that it can serve a lot of purposes and players. If you check the product description, you will notice that the flugelhorn is designed for both beginners and intermediate players.

This is a bit interesting as most trumpets are designed for players of a particular skill level. However, from the features, the instrument offers, it is clear that it is made for intermediate players.

Beginners are also welcome to try it out because they would find it easy to play and affordable – why buy a beginner quality equipment when an intermediate level equivalent is available?


The Queen Brass Flugelhorn Features

The Queen Brass Flugelhorn is made out of brass of the best quality – a major reason why it is more durable than most other flugelhorns.

Every penny you spend on this trumpet is going to be worth it because of all that it delivers. There are other features that make this flugelhorn stand out from its peers, and we would discuss them now.

SIZE: this is not a large piece of equipment. It is barely 19 inches with a bell diameter of 6 inches. Its length makes it easy to carry around, especially when it is in a case. Its bell diameter is one of the major reasons for its dark and mellow sound. Overall, the size of the trumpet does well to enhance its sound while making it as portable and lightweight as possible.

FINISH: one of the most noticeable things about this flugelhorn is its silvered brass material finish. This gives it some kind of regal aura that most players would fancy. However, you can request for the chrome finish version if you are not into silvered brass. Regardless of the type of finish, this flugelhorn is designed to produce rich and high-quality sounds.

ACCESSORIES: one of the attractive features of this flugelhorn is the accessories it comes with. It comes with a hard case and a mouthpiece. One of the remarkable things about the hard case is that it made out of hard materials to ensure the flugelhorn is fully protected from accidents and damage.



Easy to play: no matter the level of your skills as a trumpet player, you would find this flugelhorn very easy to play.

Durability: a product made with the best quality materials would definitely stand out. This flugelhorn is made with brass and finished with silvered brass. This should prevent wear and dents for a very long time.

Appearance: this one of the most beautiful flugelhorns in the market, and the best part is that it is very affordable!

Affordable: this flugelhorn comes at a very affordable price of just over the $100 mark, although other charges like shipping are not included.

Features: the features of this flugelhorn mentioned above are just a tip of the iceberg in terms of what waits in store for you if you purchase this flugelhorn.


Verified Customer Reviews

Good quality horn for a very reasonable price
Good quality horn for a very reasonable price. I did speak to their customer service because I really thought the horn I received must have cost more than what I paid. Customer service was very kind and knowledgeable.


A Definite Five Stars
Beautiful and great clear tone! Better quality than what I was expecting!


The Queen Brass Flugelhorn Conclusion

The manufacturers of this instrument did well to design it to suit players of the beginner and intermediate levels. This is why it is very easy to use and carry around.

A grand instrument to play on which produces a great sound and it also comes in nickel plated form.

Overall, a really good musical instrument at an affordable price.

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Queen Brass Flugelhorn