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All the main trumpet facts you need to know as a trumpeter

Trumpet FactsA trumpet is a brass instrument that is used in classical and jazz ensembles. It constitutes the larger part of the brass family. For years, it has been used as a signaling device in times of war and hunting as far back as 1500 BC.

It was in the fourteenth to fifteenth century that trumpets became a musical instrument. Over time, it was used in art styles of music such as concerts, orchestras, and jazz ensembles. It is also used in popular music today, depending on the musical needs of the artist or producer.




You can’t be a trumpeter without knowing these trumpet facts.

Who made the trumpet? Well, it was not until 1818 that Friedrich Bluhmel and Heinrich Stölzel made a joint patent application for what will soon be known as a trumpet.


Where Did The First Trumpet Originate From?

It is believed that the 1st ever trumpeter was in Egypt in the 1500’s, it was also mainly used for military purposes back in the days and were only regarded and used as musical instruments a few hundred years later.

There are many more fun trumpet facts to mention, but let’s get into some other facts.


How to Make A Sound With A Trumpet

A trumpet is played by blowing air through the pipe with nearly-closed lips. This lip position is called the player’s embouchure. This is to produce a buzzing sound that creates a standing wave vibration with the air column in the pipe.

The pipes and the body, in general, has been primarily constructed of brass since the 15th century. In those early times, the brass tubing was bent twice to form a rounded shape.


Types of Trumpets

There are several types of trumpet, with a majority of them pitched in B-flat. It is commonly referred to as a transposing instrument. It has a tube length of about 4 ft. 10 inches. Despite the pitch and tubing, early trumpets never provide any means of changing the tubing length. Modern trumpets, on the other hand, come with three to four valves in order to change the pitch.

The most common types of trumpets for beginners use the piston valves, while some use the rotatory valve. The rotatory valve types are usually found in orchestras. But regardless of the valve type, the length of the tubing increases when a valve is engaged, and this lowers the pitch of a trumpet.


Trumpet History

The word trumpet was first used in the 14th century, and it came from the old French word “trompette,” and it is a diminutive of the word ‘trompe.’ Trompe means trumpet, and it was first used in 1300 in English.

The earliest trumpets known date back to about 1500 BC. At that time, they were made with different materials such as bronze, silver, metal, and bronze lurs, depending on the country it was produced. Some civilizations used ram horns and Hatzotzeroth, with references in the bible. Some other instruments were made of bones too, and were commonly used in times of games.

Before trumpets were musicalized, they were used solely as signaling instruments in military events. This role has fallen into the hands of the modern-day bugle.


Trumpet Instrument Family

Another trumpet fact, a trumpet belongs to the brass instrument family. The brass instrument family is a set of musical instruments that produce sound by sympathetic vibrations of air in a tubular resonator that is also in sympathy with the vibrations of the player’s lips.

The modern brass family is usually of two types – the valve and the slide type. The valve types use up to three to four valves that are shaped and act like pistons. They are operated by pressing on them with the player’s fingers. The slide types work by changing the length of the tubing. They consist majorly of the trombone family.


How about some other fun trumpet facts you probably didn’t know about?

Fun Trumpet Facts

There are many other trumpet facts to know mention about this amazing musical instrument, and we can keep going on and on about the details, but we can’t know it all. One thing that we know for sure that is that a trumpet is a versatile instrument.

It is used in a lot of music genres like jazz, rock, classical and a lot more. This makes it a special musical instrument with a lot of use in chamber music and solo performances.

Now let us enlighten ourselves with some other fun trumpet facts that we may or might not know about the trumpet

✅ Did you know that the tubing of this trumpet is quite longer than it seems? It may seem quite short and compact if you compare it to other brass instruments, but its tubing would amaze you. The tubing of a trumpet is about 6 ½ feet long – that is taller than an average person! Yet, it would fit comfortably in your hands.

✅ A number of people in the past have been famous for playing this musical instrument –  trumpet. Names such as Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Daniel Armstrong, Miles Davis, and Lee Morgan have become popular today due to their past exploits with a trumpet.

✅ Today, there are a lot of trumpeters killing it in the game. Names like Wynton Marsalis should ring a bell, among others like Tom Harrell, Dave Douglas, Ryan Kisor, and Terrence Blanchard. Check out these guys, and see for yourself!

✅ Did you know that the price of a trumpet is not determined by the design and its features? If only you had seen the most expensive trumpet, you would know that it didn’t get its value from its flashy looks and all sorts. So, what is the most expensive trumpet in the world today? The Gillespie’s Martin Committee trumpet is the most expensive, and it cost about $55,000 and that was way back in 1995!

✅ Trumpets are known to be versatile instruments, and only a few know what it is capable of. We all know that there are only three valves on each trumpet, sometimes four, but little did we know that it can produce 45 notes distinctly with those three valves!

✅ Trumpets are used in a lot of places such as bands and orchestras and the military! Back in the medieval times, armies used trumpets as signaling devices due to its loudness and rich tone.

✅ Talking about medieval times, did you know that the trumpet has been in existence since 1,500 BC? There are even a number of artworks from 300 BC that contain images of the trumpet.

✅ The predecessors of the modern trumpets didn’t have valves! They were controlled by changing the pressure of the air blown into the trumpet.

✅ The trumpet has a cylindrical bore that continues until it gets to the bell. The bell is where trumpets transition into a conical shape.

✅ The trumpet is made from brass. Brass is an alloy, it is made with zinc and copper. However, the early trumpets were made from different materials that might shock you. These materials include animal horns, wood, and conch shells.

✅ As we have previously stated, these instruments are quite versatile, they come in several varieties and they can be played in different musical keys such as: B-flat, F, D, E, G and C.

✅ A World Record Breaker, the largest trumpet in the world (one that can actually be played) is 32 meteres long with an enormous 5.2 meter diameter bell. If you were wondering who has big enough lips to play this than…. well, it can only be played with an air compressor!

✅ Other Famous Celebs Who Played The Trumpet: Justin Bieber the musician, Richard Gere the actor, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith,S amuel L Jackson and Paul McCartney who need no introduction.

We hope you enjoyed all these Trumpet Facts…


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