Types of Acoustic Guitars

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The different types of acoustic guitars – market leaders

It’s no easy task to pick a great acoustic guitar, especially if you are a beginner musician looking for your first musical instrument. If you have been searching the web, you’ve probably come across a huge variety of musical instruments and acoustic-guitars to choose from out there.

So which one is the right one for you?

There are dozens of different types of acoustic guitars to choose from so, whether you are beginner looking for your first new acoustic guitar or you’re a completely unfamiliar with what you will need when it comes to this type of guitar, you can be sure that the right information will help you find a perfect acoustic guitar that suits your needs and personality and will also help you to become a great guitar player.





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Perhaps, you have even read several reviews, spent hours reading through product information, making comparisons and trying to identify the best one that matches your needs. The overwhelming number of options can make it daunting to make a choice.

If you find yourself in this difficult situation, don’t fret. This guide will guide you through the different types of acoustic guitars and help reduce the guesswork from your next acoustic guitar purchase, even if it’s not your first one.


It goes without saying that there are different price ranges and quality of acoustic guitars but don’t think that a cheaper guitar is of lower quality as the different manufacturers on the market today make great products at very affordable prices to fit any budget.


Take a closer look at the list of brands and makes in the list below, they are some of the most popular types or brands of acoustic guitars on sale that you can select from.



Gibson is one of the most popular brands of acoustic guitars on the market today. Gibson started out designing and making classic mandolins more than a hundred years ago before it expands to acoustic guitars. Some of their iconic ones include the:

  •  Fying V,
  • SG
  • Les Paul.

It has a proven record of making high-quality and highly sought-after guitars today.



This guitar maker has been operating for almost 150 years, making outstanding types of acoustic guitars for music lovers and aspiring guitarists. It creates new designs and features vintage models, which are highly coveted by many. It offers a lifetime guarantee on its products, which is a very attractive offer to guitar players. This also gives them peace of mind knowing that the instrument they make is always built to last.


The brand is currently owned by Gibson. They are now able to use the designs of Gibson and even specs available at more affordable prices.



This is a guitar brand named after Bob Taylor.

It is known for its decades of reputation crafting quality guitars that are easy to play and feature state-of-the-art style and craftsmanship. It is popular for its high-end guitars within the $2000 plus range.

That being said, if you are looking for something affordable with good quality sound, they also have a nice lineup of low-priced guitars.


Martin & Co.

For those in need of top-of-the-line types of acoustic guitars, they might want to try this outstanding guitar brand today. It makes remarkable classic guitars that have actually been featured in many hit tunes. Just like Taylor, they also have sophisticated models that range from 2,000 dollars and above.

They also make some good quality cheaper and more affordable guitars that will suit any budget. These guitars have a distinctive sound that makes them truly unique. It has been in the guitar-making industry for 180 years, making them a truly reliable source of exceptional acoustic guitars, no matter what type you like.



Some of the better well-known musicians and guitarists are using a Fender guitar. It is one of the biggest brands in the music industry, making high-end types of acoustic guitars with stylish accessories to match every taste.

It is a great to-go brand if you are looking for a high-end acoustic guitar.

Pick one of these brands and you will surely get a good guitar that you like. The sound quality and styles are excellent and they have a wide range of great instruments that will surely match your budget.



We have reviewed the top of the line guitar makers that have been around for a very long time and supply us with the top of the line, high-quality acoustic guitars with very affordable price tags.

That being said, there are some fairly new manufacturers out there that are producing good quality instruments at some unbelievably low prices.

So, if you are a beginner you may want to try out some of these brands and get the feel for it before moving on or going pro where you will undoubtedly go for some of the top of the line brands as listed above.


Take a look at some of the other types of acoustic guitars & brands below: