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Types of Bass Guitars Review

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Which Are The Best Types Of Bass Guitars? – Top 11 Leading Brands In 2020

There are many brands and makes to choose from which can also be confusing for a beginner guitarist looking to buy their first musical instrument. So, we have compiled a list of the top bass guitars brands for you to choose from and they are:

  1. Yamaha
  2. Ibanez
  3. Fender
  4. Dean
  5. Rickenbacker
  6. Squier
  7. Hofner
  8. Ephiphone
  9. Schecter
  10. Washburn
  11. ESP


The Top Selling Bass Guitars Today


The bass guitar is undoubtedly one of the coolest instruments in the music scene. Regardless of which music you like to play be it rock, jazz or any other type we are going to review the leading most affordable best bass guitars.

Bass guitars have been the most popular types of guitars among band players and they are sold in their thousands worldwide. They produce some of the best quality sound and tone and no band can do without one.

But choosing the best bass guitars depends on the type of music you play. Experienced bass players might be so conversant with the best bass guitars but if you’re not one of them consider going through this list of top brands.


Top 11 Best Brands of bass guitars


The Yamaha bass guitars are the best types of bass guitars on the market. The beautiful guitars are made of strong mahogany and finished with the black nickel. They are easy to play giving you the opportunity to switch tones to your liking. They are marvelously comfortable with a thumb rest and lightweight hence you can carry around with ease.


Yamaha TRBX174 BL 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

Yamaha TRBX174 BL 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

The TRBX174 represents a price breakthrough for the TRBX range, yet the quality is everything you’d expect from a Yamaha bass.


  • Incredible Quality and Value
  • Mahogany Body
  • Vintage Style Bridge
  • 7 colors to choose from



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For those who love and play metal then this bass guitar is the best choice you can gift yourself. These brands provide quality sound with a wide variety of tones at a pocket-friendly price. The Lightweight mahogany makes it easy to carry around and play more comfortable as you wouldn’t get worn out easily by the weight.

There are two leading Ibanez products that we wanted to review for you, both are excellent bass guitars for both beginners and pro basists.


Ibanez 4 String Bass GuitarIbanez 4 String Bass Guitar Product Description

This Ibanez is one of the leading guitars in the market. The sound pickups are the same as its full-size counterparts. It is light and well balanced and generally easy to play.

The Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar Sunburst, seems to meet the needs of all musicians whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a pro musician, this instrument will do well for you.

  • Fast, slim Maple neck
  • Compact, light-weight Body
  • Dynamic P pickup
  • Short Scale 28.6″

This bass is efficient, and the size enhances playability.

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Ibanez TMB100MGR 4-String Bass GuitarIbanez TMB100MGR 4-String Bass Guitar

Reflecting a classic Ibanez body style, the Talman Bass Series sports a cool retro look with a sound that will inspire players of all ages.

  • Wide, Chunky maple neck
  • Classic Ibanez Body style
  • Dynamix P & J pickups
  • Ibanez custom 2-band EQ offers a variety of tonal options
  • 9 colors to choose from




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If you are a soft rock or jazz player then look no further than fender bass guitar. With the amazing sound, you will surely capture the attention of your audience with the music that fits right into their heart. It has a three-tone pickup that inspires creativity in every player ensuring you get maximum fun.

Squier by Fender Vintage SS Modified Special Jaguar Bass

Squier by Fender Vintage SS Modified Special Jaguar Bass

The all-new Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (short scale) puts classic Fender looks into a distinctively sharp-looking, great-sounding and super-versatile Squier bass model.


  • Candy Apple Red Color
  • Agathis Body
  • Maple C shape neck with a 9.5 in radius and 20 medium jumbo frets
  • 1 Single-Coil Jazz Bass® Pickup, 1 Split Single-Coil Precision Bass pickup
  • Standard 4-Saddle.Black pickguard
  • Master Tone and 2 volume controls


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Dean Bass Guitars

Dean’s electric bass guitars are known for their outlandish designs and body shapes.

They know how to put together the best offer which includes great performance, quality materials and great design with a very affordable price tag…

Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar

Dean E09M Edge Electric Bass Guitar✅ 4-String Electric Bass Guitar.

✅ Great aesthetics, with models having a smooth mahogany body along with carefully painted finish.

✅ American-made guitar with an ergonomic design that is built for a comfortable experience.

✅ A unique neck joint (which is 34 inches wide) and heel (made especially by Dean Designs themselves) that has a four bolt pattern for a complete 1 to 22-fret neck movement.

✅ A soapbar pickup built for producing a great amount of growl that sounds just right.

✅ A Dean bridge with adjustable intonation for perfection while playing with a beautiful vintage look-and-feel.

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Rickenbacker Series

This is another great brand guitar that most bassists will consider a masterpiece in the market. They produce higher and brighter sounding than most bass guitars with noticeable high-end tones. Even though they could be a little pricey, their sound quality and uniqueness is what most artists will term as value for their money.


Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Mapleglo

Rickenbacker 4003 Bass MaplegloThe Rickenbacker 4003 Bass is famous for its ringing sustains treble punch and solid underlying bottom end. The Vintage Tone Selector activates a capacitor in the treble pickup circuit to emphasize the high end.

  • Elegantly curved body shape
  • Stereo output
  • Neck-thru-body construction
  • Double truss rods
  • High-output single-coil pickups
  • Vintage Tone Selector boosts high-end
  • Deluxe triangular fret inlays
  • Schaller Deluxe machine heads
  • Includes case


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This is another brand of bass guitars with stunning modern looks and affordable prices. They come with all required amenities and are easy to set up and play. They have very good bass tones with strings set wide apart and a beautiful long neck.


Squier by Fender 310902558 Bronco Bass

Squier by Fender 310902558 Bronco BassThe Squier Bronco Bass is great for guitarists who occasionally need a bass, younger beginners, smaller players, or for anyone who likes the feel of a short-scale (30″) bass.

It tunes easily and sounds full and rich, thanks to its single-coil pickup, maple neck, die-cast tuners and solid agathis body.


  • Agathis body with gloss polyurethane finish
  • 30 in scale length C-shape maple neck with 9.5 in radius maple fingerboard and 19 medium jumbo frets
  • 1 Special Design Single-Coil Pickup
  • 2-Saddle Chrome Bridge
  • 1 volume control and 1 tone control

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Hofner Bass

Though not too common, Hofner bass also deserves a part in the back for their sound quality. They come with a thumpy sound which is neither too high nor too low. They produce these driving or walking tones that are found in Beatles song and the iconic bass tone of the early rock and roll.


Hofner IGNITIONSB Electric Violin Bass Guitar

Hofner IGNITIONSB Electric Violin Bass GuitarTaking a lead from our 70s Violin Bass models the Ignition Violin Bass guitars from Hofner let you get your hands on one of the world’s iconic guitars.

The Hofner Ignition Violin bass is closely modeled after the Hofner Electric Violin Bass played by Paul McCartney of the Beatles.


  • An iconic semi-hollow body electric bass that any serious bass player can afford.
  • Flame maple back and sides topped with spruce provide plenty of natural acoustic resonance.
  • Comfortable solid maple neck offers excellent sustain and phenomenal playability.
  • Hofner Staple hum buckers deliver classic warm, woody, and almost acoustic-style tone.
  • Full set of traditional 500/1 style tone controls let you dial the perfect sound for any gig.

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These are very popular amongst the lead bass players, hence, they are easily recognized in the market. They produce great sound tones and play the best rock music. They are made of beautiful mahogany accompanied by modern designs such as long necks to make them even more superb.


Epiphone “Toby” Standard-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar

Epiphone Toby Standard-IV 4 String Electric Bass GuitarEpiphone is proud to reintroduce the classic bass guitar that players have been waiting for. With roots in the original Michael Tobias designs, putting cutting-edge sound into player’s hands at a value price.



  • Comfortable Asymmetrical neck design
  • Ergonomic body shape
  • Flush mount, low profile adjustable bridge
  • 34 Inch Scale Length
  • Classic Tobias TBR Single Coil pickups in neck and bridge positions.


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This is another pocket-friendly and very affordable bass with an amazing sound. The Schecter guitars are very comfortable and produce very clean distorted sounds that fit every genre. The superb design and the beautiful Maple wood and Walnut Multi-ply Neck is what makes this instrument worth the investment.

Schecter Stiletto Custom-4 Electric Bass


Schecter Stiletto Custom-4 Electric BassThe Stiletto Custom builds on the concept of the Stiletto Studio and adds just little more flash with a natural or vampyre red satin maple top and gold or black hardware, which guarantees that you will not go unnoticed on stage. It comes loaded with EMG pickups, which deliver with precision and strength the rich tone of the instrument’s mahogany body.


  • Available in 4, 5 and 6-string configurations.
  • Flamed Maple Top w/Walnut
  • EMG 35HZ Pickups
  • Maple/Walnut Multi-ply Neck
  • Offset Dot Inlays
  • S-Tek Bridge
  • Satin Gold Hardware



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The attractiveness of this brand does not only lie on its beauty but also on the great sounds it produces. It is made with mahogany coming out with a stunning solid look that will catch the attention of any guitar player. It features a mass bridge, slim neck, body strings and pickups that make it one of the best basses.


Washburn Electric Bass Guitar

Washburn Electric Bass GuitarBig fat soapbar pickups make this a great bass for any player. This guitar is perfect for any beginner. It’s got a thin neck and low action, so you don’t have to work too hard to get the strings down.

It’s got a P/J style pickup configuration, so you get the entire range of tones. It also has a solid construction, as well.



  • Full size electric bass in beautiful tobacco sunburst finish
  • Solid hardwood body with slim maple neck
  • P and J pickup configuration
  • Volume and tone controls with active preamp
  • Soft Canvas Case Included


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This is another good bass for those who play metal music. It gives different tones that every experienced bassist can play around with easily. Their lightweight and solid nature makes them easy to handle, play and carry – a very enjoyable bass guitar.


ESP LTD B Series B-205 Five-String Bass Guitar

Thousand of players around the world have turned to the LTD B-205SM which, despite its affordable price, is one of the finest basses in its class. ESP has been recognized for its high quality standards and meticulous craftsmanship since the company was founded.

ESP LTD B Series B-205 Five-String Bass Guitar

Every bass player needs a five-string instrument to perform modern playing styles. This is a great choice for an addition to any serious bass player’s collection.


  • The B205SM NS has an Ash Body with a Spalted Maple Top
  • 5Pc Maple and Rosewood with a Rosewood Fingerboard
  • This bass comes equipped with an LTD BB-605 w/ String-Thru-Body Bridge and LTD Tuners
  • It has a Bolt-On Neck Construction and a 34″ Scale with 24 Extra Jumbo Frets and an Extra Thin-U Neck Contour
  • The pickups are passive ESP Designed SB-5B(b) & SB-5N(n) with an Active EQ
  • The controls are Volume, Balance, ABQ-3 3-Band EQ


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Types of Bass Guitars Conclusion

The guitars listed in the short review above are only the tip of the iceberg as far as the vast amount of types of bass guitars that you can find on the market today.

So, we have listed the top 10 brands and we have also added our favorite types of bass guitars that are well made, of high quality at affordable prices.

You can also visit the main product page using the link below where you can take a look at many other types and brands at different prices for you to choose from at a budget you can afford.

Go To Main Amazon Page Here: Collection Of Bass Guitars

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Here Is The List Of The Top Selling Types Of Bass Guitars


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