Types of Electric Guitars

Types of Electric Guitars

The different types of electric guitars – the market leaders

It’s no easy task to pick a great electric guitar, especially if you are a starting out as a newbie musician looking for your first guitar. If you have been looking around the internet, you’ve probably come across an enormous selection of musical instruments and electric-guitars to pick from out there.


So which electric guitar is the right one for you?

There are dozens of different types of electric guitars to choose from so, whether you are a newcomer looking for your first new electric guitar or you’re completely unfamiliar with what you will need when it comes to this type of guitar.

You can be sure that the right information will help you find a perfect electric guitar that suits your needs and personality and will also help you to become a great guitar player.



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The electric guitar’s exemplary shape and form have become an iconic image for rock and roll, displayed in neon, on t-shirts, and tattoos.

The prominence of the amusement Guitar Hero has demonstrated exactly how much impact and power the electric guitar has, and what amount loved and regarded it keeps on being.


Electric guitars have pickups set in them so the instrument can deliver the ideal sound. These parts can be utilized independently or in the mix with each other.

They are twisted to achieve the correct volume or impact for either lead or beat guitar playing. Initially, electric guitars were developed with just a solitary pickup.


The electric guitar has developed from its modest beginnings in the 1930’s.

Guitar mark names, for example, Fender and Gibson have turned out to be synonymous with the instrument and have moved toward becoming easily recognized names everywhere throughout the world.

From a significant number of these organizations, great guitar shapes were produced and have now turned out to be perceived types of the brand names.


Top 10 Best Brands of electric guitars:


Bumper Stratocaster (strat)

Bumper Stratocaster guitarThis is potentially the most perceived, exemplary guitar shape.

Its frame has turned into a symbol of the guitar age and has been commended in historical centers and as a major aspect of workmanship displays.

With a bent shape (it was broadly known as the ‘Solace Contour Body’ of the Fender guitars) and cutaways enabling less demanding access to the higher frets the Strat was produced in the 1950’s and was the favored instrument of Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton, and numerous different players.




Bumper Telecaster

Bumper Telecaster electric guitarAnother guitar from the Fender family, the Telecaster is the longest-reigning strong body guitar on the planet.

With a compliment body and a grittier sound than the Strat, the Telecaster is the guitar decision for some down-home music artists. Now and then the name is contracted to Tele.





Gibson Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Bumper electric guitarThe Gibson Les Paul was likewise conceived amid the 1950’s and ended up powerful in the stone and move development of that period.

Les Paul – a famous jazz performer from the 1950’s – was vigorously engaged with the guitar’s initial improvement and who turned into the name of the instrument.






Gibson SG

Gibson SG electric guitarThe Gibson SG was initially an overhaul of the Les Paul and was gone for being a contender to the Fender Stratocaster that had turned out to be tremendously effective.

The first body of the Les Paul was made smaller, and the guitar was given cutaways in the state of horns to offer access to upper frets.

Lamentably, Les Paul himself wasn’t a fan, thus the SG or Solid Guitar was conceived.





Gibson Flying V

Gibson Flying V electric guitarThis interesting guitar with its rearranged ‘V’ shape was a piece of an ‘innovator’ sort of guitar configuration writes created by Gibson and turned into the overwhelming metal guitar amid the 1970s.

All the more as of late, the late Dimebag Darrell from Pantera turned into a pioneer for the Flying V.




Top Electric Guitar Picks For The Beginner Guitarist

The Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar

Epiphone SG-Special Guitar
Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar

This can be an excellent instrument for the beginner to the intermediate guitarist as it is made in mind for high performance. This can serve you for many years of making great music.

Read The Full Review (On This Site): Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar




The C-1 SGR Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar

Schecter C-1 SGR electric guitarMade with the beginner in mind, This C1 SGR is a high-quality guitar with a great sound output all at an incredibly affordable price and well within budget for any beginner.

Read The Full Review (On This Site): C-1 SGR Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar






The Firefly Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Sunburst - Firefly Hollow Body Electric Guitar

This is one of the most popular hollow body electric guitars out there today, they are snatched up as soon as they come out to the market place and are in great demand. They are not only one of the most affordable beginner guitars but also made of quality materials, have a great design to it and has an excellent price tag to it… Well worth taking a closer look at!

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The Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar

Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar frontI’m sure that there is no need to introduce the Yamaha brand name to anyone. They have gone way beyond the basics on this instrument that playing it you would think you are playing a $2000 pro guitar.

This is probably by far the best guitar any beginner guitarist can own… Check it out.

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The Ibanez 6 String Solid Body Electric Guitar

Ibanez 6 String Electric Guitar solid bodyA great solid body guitar made by a great manufacturer known for their quality work. A beautifully designed instrument with even better sound output. Easy to play and handle, a match made in music heaven for the beginner musician.

Read The Full Review (On This Site): Ibanez 6 String Solid Body Electric Guitar



These are Some of The Different Body Types of Electric Guitars:

✅ Solid-Body Guitar

✅ Hollow Body

✅ Semi-Hollow Body


What Are Solid-body Electric Guitars?

This is an outstanding electrical guitar with a solid body. The Solid body type electric guitars are the most widespread type in the marketplace these days and are commonly known as the Telecaster.

The Telecaster was developed from the 1st solid body electric guitar which was very widely spread and was called the Fender Broadcaster.

This was an extremely simple musical instrument when put side by side to the other types of electric guitars that came prior to it, keeping the fundamental design basis which we can see in every solid body guitar to this day.

types of electric guitars Many of these solid body guitars are manufactured from layers made of a flat piece of wood. This is known as a blank which is accurately cut to the desired shape of the guitar body.

In the more expensive types of electric guitars, the body is usually made from one piece of solid wood, that being said, many guitars today are put together using more than one “blanks” from the same type of wood which is glued to one another to form the desired shape.

From here, although there are numerous diverse ways to put together a solid-body guitar, and depending on the brand and the manufacturer, the overall predetermined specifications such as the shape and design of the product are chosen and the piece is cut and shaped accordingly.


The solid body types of electric guitars have put down the foundations for the guitarists and the contemporary music they produce.

We owe a great deal to Les Paul and Leo Fender for laying those all so important foundations for the solid body guitars which have paved the way for some other great brands names such as the Gibson Les Paul, the Stratocaster, and the Telecaster but not forgetting to mention other great manufacturers such as Schecter and Ibaneze.

Whether you are a beginner or pro musician, it is essential for you to find the type of solid body guitar which will suit your needs and musical persona, it is very important to your music as a guitarist.

So, start off by going through some of our extensive reviews on All Musical Instruments Buying Guide Blog and find the ideal one for you.


What Is A Hollow Body Electric Guitar?

The Hollow body types of electric guitars are built in a few different shapes and designs. As opposed to the semi hollowed instruments, these are hollow, as their name suggests, and they do not have the center block.

The Hollow body guitars have a beautifully designed curved body with a warm tone, they are known to produce a rich and clear sound and although it is characteristically correlated with jazz, it is also very popular in country and blues music.


Video Review – Hollow vs Semi-Hollow Electric guitar




Types of Electric Guitars Conclusion

The electrical guitars are probably the most sought-after types of guitars and no band can do without a guitar player.

There are many different Types of Electric Guitars under this category and every musician has their own preference according to the type of music they usually play.

The price tags for the electric guitars also vary and you can find a decent one for a beginner starting from well under the $100 mark and some manufacturers also add many bonuses as a package deal making it worthwhile for any newbie guitarist.


 Take a look at some of the great deals below:



Fore more electric guitar pictures: visit this page

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