Donner Concert Mahogany Ukulele Spruce DUC-3 23 Inch Ukulele Set Strap Nylon String Tuner


Donner Concert Mahogany Ukulele


This is a review of the Donner Concert Mahogany Ukulele Spruce DUC-3 23 Inch Ukulele.

This is a medium-sized ukulele and very comfy to hold and play with really good sound output. It is a 4 string uke.
The four strings present the beginner musician on the whole, with a simple and straightforward playing and, luckily,
with this musical instrument, you only need a small number of chords to play a fair amount of songs.

The Donner Concert Mahogany Ukulele also comes as a Set with the following included:

  • Strap
  • Nylon String
  • Tuner


Real Customer Review



Stays in tune so well! I get lots of compliments on the design also


Product Description

This excellent modern banjo comes in a variety of forms and sizes namely:

The Tenor in 26″

The Concert in 23″

The Soprano in 21″


Donner Concert Mahogany UkuleleThe Donner Concert Ukulele is the best method to change any atmospheres to a happy one anywhere.
Whether you’re outdoors, in your living room, in a party with friend or family, a ukulele is a magnificent
way to share some of those great vibrations.

The Donner has a unique design on the fingerboard and that promising top mark Sun Logo. The rosewood
fingerboard and mahogany back and Side and Spruce top make the Donner concert ukulele a great musical
instrument for beginners and pros alike.

This pack includes all that a beginner needs to get into full swing and start playing those happy tunes.




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This manufacturer always keeps high standards when making their musical instruments. A top quality Concert Ukulele must get to the criterion of a defined and flawless craftsmanship be able to perform well with great sound output, have a snug and comfy grip, and durable strength and stability. This requires a great effort to achieve these high values mainly due to the fact that it takes over a hundred procedures in making this donner concert mahogany Ukulele which don’t allow the smallest mistake in any part of the process.


Material Selection

The high-quality materials used, begin with a careful screening process of wood. This is only the first stage as the woods chosen are left exposed to air to allow them to dry naturally for a period of three years. This process also leaves some unusable material that is disposed of leaving only the top-qualifying materials to be processed. These materials are then matched and filtered and sent to what is known as a dry & wet room, ( this is an artificial process) which makes sure the dryness and humidity levels stand at about five degrees, only once that is done, the manufacture of a Ukulele can be set in motion.


Hand Feeling Process

A good musical instrument should not only have a good feel to it but it must fit into your hand well and have a comfortable grip on it too. The Donner Mahogany Ukulele has a body and handles which are on a horizontal plane to one another, the mahogany and finish give it a smooth silky feel to it. There is a perfect chord distance with very comfy strings as well.


Come with Accessories

donner concert mahogany ukulele accessoriesThe Donner Ukulele comes with everything you need to start playing today. It includes all these accessories:


  1. A High-Quality Accurate Tuner Donner DT-2, (with a battery included).
  2. A Great Ukulele Bag.
  3. A Coloured Ukulele Sized Strap.
  4. A Carbon Nylon String.


High Quality and a Unique Design

donner concert mahogany ukulele accessories nylon stringsDonner Concert Ukuleles use Carbon Nylon Strings which are originally from Japan where the Donner unique high-quality tuning machines will make sure the ukuleles stay in tune for extended periods of time.

The strings are flexible and soft to the touch and are able to easily produce a very clear great sound. Once in tune they will stay in tune and you will not come across weird buzzing noises and you will not have any tuning problems either.


donner concert mahogany ukulele accessories best of 2018


The Donner Concert mahogany ukulele manufacturers place their center of attention on providing high-quality musical instruments to their customers worldwide. The rosewood fingerboard and zebrawood body make the DUC-2 Donner Concert Ukulele a great instrument for both beginners and pros alike.

Donner Ukulele Bridge has a unique design made by the in-house Donner team, it allows you to easily change strings and makes sure the playing tone great with 18 Brass Frets and Fret position Marks at 5th, 7th,10th and 12th frets on neck and top of the fingerboard.



  • This ukulele has an amazing tone
  • Beautifully designed and appearance.
  • Easy to use and play by beginners
  • Very affordable


Verified Customer Reviews

This Donner Concert Mahogany Ukulele is Outstanding.

Want a great ukulele? Here it is.

At the price for the complete kit, I expected it to be just OK. Boy was I fooled! It sounds great. It holds its tune.
(The included tuner is handy.) It is good looking. I had planned to use it for awhile and then upgrade to a more
expensive instrument. I see no need to do so. I liked it well enough to buy a second one for my granddaughter.

She plays multiple instruments and is quite pleased to add this ukulele to her collection.




5 out of 5 stars and Highly Recommended

A great beginner’s package.

The tuner is easy to use and works perfectly. The bag is more than enough to protect the ukulele.

The extra strings were a plus. The ukulele was in perfect condition, after stretching the strings a little bit,
the tuning went flawless. It could be really loud, but the sound is fantastic. I will update this review in a few
months to report how the instruments hold daily practice.

Update: after a few weeks practicing every day, the strings are holding the notes properly. A

ll accessories are working as expected.



The Donner Concert Mahogany Ukulele Conclusion

This is an exceptional Concert Ukulele for any musician and if you are a beginner then this one is definitely for you.
It has a smooth finish and it is very well designed and easy to play.

The very affordable price tag on this product makes it well worth the investment.

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