• Ergonomic Design: Lightweight contored bodied Ukulele designed for playability across every age group.
  • High Gloss Finish: Available in a range of colors the Martin Smith Ukuleles feature a high gloss finish, looking as good as they sound.
  • Nylon Ukulele Strings: Softer on your fingers and generating a warm tone, this Ukulele comes pre-strung.
  • Tuning: This Ukulele has metal gearheads, these allow for accurate, easy tuning and are a lot more durable than their plastic counterparts.
  • Ukulele Bag: Coming with your Uke is a gig bag meaning it can come with you wherever you go.

The ukulele has fast become one of the most popular musical instruments worldwide.
As well as being a perfect introduction to any musical education, its small body and simple playing method make for a great hobby whether it be at home, University or even a festival.

The Martin Smith Soprano ukulele comes complete with a carry case and beginners guide to get you playing straight out of the box. Available in a range of colors, there is a ukulele for every personality.



The Martin Smith UK-222-A Soprano Ukulele Review

Martin Smith UK-222-A Soprano Ukulele – This ukulele is a very affordable and generic product. There are, however, many like it on several online platforms, and this is because of the fact that it is a great ukulele for its price.

It is made with completely laminated wood, although the specifications of the wood were not given. One thing that makes this ukulele stand out though is the presence of the thick shiny glossy coating.

Judging from the materials used on most ukuleles, it is more likely that this one is made with Linden wood. Linden wood can either be Limewood or Basswood, and it is as cheap and soft as most tonewoods for making ukuleles.



The Martin Smith UK-222-A Soprano Ukulele Materials

Martin Smith UK-222-A Soprano UkuleleHowever, let us not focus solely on the wood used in making the Martin Smith UK-222-A Soprano Ukulele.

This is because the wood is basically plywood painted red. Although there are other colour variants it comes in, and you are given the liberty to choose the one that you most prefer when you make a purchase.

From a critical perspective, this ukulele is quite a handful when it comes to beginners, but might not be as good in the hands of professionals. This is because professionals need more than just a ukulele, and it is clear that a ukulele that is barely $20 can’t meet those needs.

The build and quality of design make it perfect for a lot of beginner players. One thing Martin Smith is known for is that they give a clear description of their products to their customers.

They inform you of what you are getting before you decide to purchase their product. This is unlike most small brands out there that put a lot of false “creative” descriptions of their products to grab the attention of potential customers, and only to turn out as a bad product.





Here are some of the things that make the Martin Smith Soprano Ukulele stand out from its peers.

FINISH: this is a glossy ukulele that has a unique look in comparison to other ukuleles.

TONE: only a few ukuleles at this price range actually sound good. The Martin Smith UK-222-A Soprano Ukulele is a great way to kick off your ukulele playing career.

TUNING PEGS: the tuning pegs on the Martin Smith UK-222-A Soprano Ukulele make it easier for a beginner to play for a long while without having to retune it from time to time.



Martin Smith UK-222-A Soprano Ukulele Pros

Easy to play: this ukulele is perfect for beginners as it makes them grasp learning the instrument faster than normal.

Durability: one of the things a lot of new ukulele players seek in a ukulele is its ability to last long.

Appearance: as we mentioned earlier, it has one of the most aesthetic finishes in comparison to most ukuleles in the market

Affordable: for a ukulele at this price range, one would say it is affordable due to the amazing features it offers.

Features: there are a lot of features it has to offer.



Martin Smith UK-222-A Soprano Ukulele Conclusion

Can this Ukulele really be UNDER $20 ???

This is the most fun musical instrument that you will ever own and play.

At this price how can you go wrong? Whether you are buying it for you or your kids, this will give you hours of music making the fun and enjoyable way.


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