Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Solid Wood Mahogany Metallic Electric Silent Violin with Ebony Fittings in Style 1 (Full Size)

A beautifully designed high-quality electric violin, very affordable and easy to play.

The Recommended Choice for the Beginner Violinist

So, whether you’re practicing, recording in a studio or performing on stage, the Cecilio electric violin outfit offers excellent functionality and style. It provides violinists of all levels with the ability to practice confidently without disturbing others.


Cecilio Electric Violin full size As a musician and a violin player, it is essential that you have a good instrument, knowing which one suit you best is essential to your overall playing and the ability to master your newly owned musical instrument.

A good quality electric violin will allow you to produce great sounds and will help you outperform many musicians with low-quality cheap products.


One good example of a good violin a player can buy is the Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Electric Violin (on Amazon).


It is one of the best electric violins on the market today. It allows a user to practice silently and to use a set of earphones while playing the violin. The Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Electric Violin is a perfect choice for all violin players, beginners, intermediate players to pros.


This excellent and beautifully designed product is manufactured by a well-known company using very high-quality materials.

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Looking for a great quality affordable “PRODUCT” without Compromising on the quality?

This Cecilio Electric Violin Is The Recommended Choice…


The Cecilio Electric Violin Video Review

Listen to the great sound this Electric Violin produces…



best cecilio electric violin

Cecilio Electric Violin review



The Cecilio Electric Violin Product Features

This electric violin has a lot of features that may make you fall in love with it.

Violins come in different sizes, there are eight in total: The 4/4 which is also known as the full size violin, the other sizes are 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16 and 1/32.

As a rule, you should know that the 4/4 is the biggest and 1/32 being the smallest. The 4/4 violin size violin is mainly used by all adults, in spite of their size.

When purchasing a violin, you can measure the length by ensuring it runs from your neck to the wrist. If the range fits well, then it would be a comfort violin to use.

Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Electric Violin comes in different colors where one can choose. A buyer can decide to buy a blue, white, black, mahogany, or yellow maple.

9V Alkaline Battery
The electric violin is powered by a 9v Alkaline battery which is preferred to run small devices. The battery lasts longer than any other cells in the product range. It allows the user to have a more extended playtime before changing the battery.

Output jack and a line in jack
The 1/8 output jack allows a user to connect their violin to any audio system. From the output port also, you can plug the headphones which you may use for practicing. The Line in jack allows a user to play the background beat that they are practicing.

Material and Design
The maple is made from Mahogany wood. The wood makes it lightweight and has a metallic look. The maple is usually handcrafted giving the violin that perfect outline. The violin also boasts of an ebony fingerboard which makes it look stylish.


The Cecilio Electric Violin accessories


The Cecilio Electric Violin Pros

The Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Electric Violin price is low compared to its performance. The sound quality of the violin is excellent. The violin’s stylish looks also are worth the cost. The general performance is incredible and compared to the retail price, it’s affordable.

Easy to play
The different sizes allow one to choose the perfect size that would be comfortable to handle. It offers eight different sizes from which one can choose from in the market. With the ideal size of a violin, it would be easy to play well. The wood material makes the violin to be light in weight which would use less energy to perform.

The Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Electric Violin has stunning finishes. The handcrafted wood gives it a sleek metal look which is something a buyer can notice. The maple and the fingerboard design looks classic and well polished. The different colors also enhance the final look of the violin.

Mahogany wood is used to make the maple which is a hardwood. The quality of the wood makes the violin to be durable and sturdy.

Looking at the violin’s features, it seems stunning and sleek. The hard looking maple gives it an awesome finished look. The cool curves of the violin also make the characteristics of the violin to look classic and unique. The strings sound good and are well fixed at the pegbox. Some of the features the violin has are only found on a high-grade violin.



The Cecilio Electric Violin Gallery Pictures

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Other Cecilio Violin Metallic Colors

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Verified Customer Reviews

Worth the money!

Great purchase. I am an adult beginner so I wanted something with a good sound but wouldn’t wake the baby in the next room. I purchased the mahogany which looks like a dark blood red in person.

The headphones are pretty much throwaways but if you really don’t have other headphones they will work. Overall good violin for beginners, not completely silent but good for playing downstairs or you might hear it a little in the next room.


Great First Violin to See if You Like Playing, or to Use as a Quiet Practice Instrument

This is a fine first violin to see if you like playing, or as an affordable quiet practice instrument. It isn’t perfect, but for the price, you can’t beat it.

5 stars considering the price of course.

You can play it right out of the box but here are a few things that will help make it better.


Just what I was looking for at such a great price!

The case is very nice! Internal hard shell with canvas nice interior and 2 straps to carry like a backpack or hang up on a hook. overall a very nice sound for the price.

If you push in the pegs in while tuning and adjust fine tuners the strings will not slip as much. Typically new strings need to stretch out before they quit slipping, but you can also get tuning peg drops to provide more friction to prevent slipping if this is a consistent issue.


The Cecilio Electric Violin Conclusion


? There is no denying this beautifully designed electric violin with its curved outline.

That, however, is just a fraction of what this Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Electric Violin has to offer.

It produces sounds that compare to the high-end violins have only at the fraction of the cost.

That being said, there is one major advantage to this Cecilio electric violin that many of its’ competitors do not have and that is the ability to play it quietly using earphones and playing without troubling the surroundings and the people around you.

If you are a parent or relative looking to buy your kids a present than this Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA is probably the best electric violin you can buy, it has an outstanding design, high quality materials, affordable and easy to play.



Best Cecilio Electric Violin review


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