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Stentor 4-String Violin 1500


This in-depth review will take you through the ins and outs of the Stentor 4-String Violin [1500 4/4] where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this Beginners Violin is the one for you.

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Looking for a great quality affordable Stentor Violin for Beginners without Compromising on the quality?

This Stentor 4-String Violin Is the Recommended Choice…


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The Stentor 1500 Violin Product Description

stentor 1500 violinChoosing a perfect violin may prove to be an uphill task.

The Stentor 4-String Violin is one good choice for a beginner violinist who knows what they want. The violin is made by Stentor who have adequate experience in the production of violins.

The Stentor 4-String Violin is a well-crafted violin. It’s well known for its voice clarity and also bright notes. It is well designed and suitable for beginners and students. It is highly recommended by trainers due to its quality sound.

The Stentor 4-String Violin has a lot of outstanding features which make it one of a kind in the violin market.


The Stentor 1500 4-String Violin Video Review

A review of two different types of beginner violins, both are Stentor. The 1400 Vs the 1500 Stentor Violin review.



The Stentor 4-String Violin Product Review

This is a beautifully designed handcrafted Stentor with a fine-grained solid spruce top and a solid maple back and sides.

The violin is manufactured from high-quality tonewood. Tonewood gives the violin the perfect sound output. The wood is amongst the best woods used in the design of violins due to its clear voice production.


The Stentor 4-String Violin is handcrafted. Handcrafting ensures that it has minimal errors. The details of the violin are clear due to the professional handcrafting done to the violin. The polished brown paint is lacquered to give it that polished look. The use of quality materials like tonewood and hardwood for the chin rest makes the final finish of the violin to look stylish.

It has a well-curved maple neck. The neck makes the handling of the violin to be more comfortable. It also gives it that unique feature of a strong violin. The neck is well polished using lacquer giving it that smooth outline.


The violin is designed from materials which are light. It makes it weighs around 4.5 pounds. It makes it easier to use the violin since it is light and can be handled with ease.


The size of the Stentor 4-String Violin is not big hence a child can handle it. The small size of the violin makes it lighter and easy to use.


The violin comes with a storage bag to carry and for storage purposes. The case is also lightweight and well padded to ensure that it offers maximum shock absorption. It has a holder for the bow and even some pockets you can store your accessories. It has straps which make it easy to carry the violin.



The Stentor 4-String Violin


The Stentor 4-String Violin



The Stentor 1500 Violin Product Features

These are some of the other great features that come with this Stentor Violin.

  • Inlaid purfling
  • Full ebony fittings
  • Hardwood chin rest
  • Super sensitive red label strings
  • Alloy tailpiece with four string adjusters
  • Nylon tailpiece loop
  • Polished warm brown laquer finish
  • An octagonal wood horsehair bow with ebony frog
  • Lightweight canvas covered case
  • An instrument blanket
  • An exterior shoulder rest pocket (violin/viola) or padded backpack bag





The Stentor 4-String Violin




The Stentor 1500 Violin Pros

The Stentor 1500 4-String Violin has a lot of advantages which place it at the top of the market making it a good choice for beginners.

The violin is made from tonewood which can withstand high stress. The fingerboard is also made from rosewood which is durable and can sustain stress.

The violin is very affordable when compared to its performance. It makes an excellent choice for starters who may not be sure about their future on playing the violin.

The violin is made from tonewood which is well polished giving it a proper finish. The materials used to make the violin are of good quality and make the finishing to be outstanding.

Stentor 4-String Violin is one of the lightest violins you can find in the market. The materials used to make the violin and also the size contributes to its weight.

It is one of the critical advantages of the violin. The tonewood used to make the violin boosts its sound production. The strings are made from rope core strings. Rope core is a suitable material for quality sound production.



The Stentor 1500  Violin Gallery Pictures

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Verified Customer Reviews

Learning from past experience…

So if you’re here, it must be Instrument Procurement Season for your son or daughter who is starting in your school’s orchestra. Or maybe you’re looking to learn. Anyway, I like this axe. Why? Well, first, let me set the stage…

Two years ago my oldest decided he wanted to play violin in school. I bought him a Mendini MV300 which, while certainly not a premium instrument, was enough to pique his interest once set up. However, that instrument required a lot of love before it was in a condition to play, including work on the nut to bring the action down a bit, bridge work, and I even had to mess with the sound post a bit.

It plays better, but it will always be an instrument that is overly limiting. So when kid #2 decided to play the violin as well, I was able to draw off that experience, and it led me to this Stentor 1500 4-string violin. As before, I decided to buy after comparing rental terms with the purchase price.


High quality violin…

I had never even thought of playing a violin and on a quirk, looking through the violins I chose this one. Found a wonderful instructor and started.

My instructor said that the strings needed to be changed and I needed a different bow. Did that at his advice and he told me last week that it was really a high quality violin, had an excellent sound and I did good.

At the price I thought I was getting a student or beginner quality, but this violin is really excellent. Did I say I am a beginner?



The 4-String Stentor 1500  Violin Conclusion

✅ ✅ ✅ This is another excellent violin for the beginner musician making their way into the music scene.

This Stentor 4-String is very well priced and well within budget even as a first violin. It is a handmade instrument made of high-quality durable materials which will help you keep this violin in great shape and performance for years to come.

We are seeing many great violins come into the marketplace with low price tags, that being said, don’t be fooled by these prices because these violins are of excellent quality and have great sound outputs that are equal to some of the most expensive pieces out there.

This Stentor Violin has been getting some really great 5 Star review by real buyers so, you can’t go wrong there.


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The Stentor 4-String Violin




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