Violin Brands

There are a lot of violin brands all over the world today, and they are shaking the ground with lots of cool violins to meet the needs of all levels of violin players. No matter your skills or budget, you would find the right one for you!

Let us have a look at some of the best in the business.


Which Are The Top Beginner Violin Brands?

✅ CREMONA: this is one of the affordable brands of violin in the market today. It is a favorite of the beginner and intermediate levels of violin players for its quality and price point. The Cremona SV-175 Premier Student violin boasts of being the best for beginners in the market.


✅ KNILLING: this is one of the most popular violin brands for students. It is usually recommended by instructors for its price point and unique design. It is easy to play and easy to tune. It is also a great investment for the beginner.


✅ STENTOR: there is a lot of talks that the Stentor brand is bad at producing professional-grade violins. Truth or lie, they are one of the best student grade violin producers in the world. Their products are affordable and quite reliable. It is believed that the Stentor Student I Violin is the best for beginners, and it has a lot of qualities that you should check out. [This is a highly recommended violin for beginners].


✅ MENDINI: Mendini violins are one of the approved violins by instructors. It is one of the easiest violins to assemble, and its sound quality is quite remarkable. You should get one because they are also quite affordable.


✅ FIDDLERMAN: this is one of the leading brands in the market, and they are really making a wave among their competitors. They produce only the best, and the violins are tested by Pierre Holstein himself!


✅ WINSOR: this is one of the most budget-friendly violin brands in the market today. They focus their product on the beginner and student market. Most of their products are factory made, with only a few made by hand.



There are a lot of violin brands in the market today. Some are perfect for beginners, while some are great for intermediate students. However, some are only purchased by professional violin players.

These professional violin brands usually customize the violins to meet the exact need of the professional.


Now let us take a closer look at 4 of the best violin brands today for the beginner violinist

? This is one of the most affordable brands of violins in the market today. The Cremona brand focuses on the needs of students, and their products are usually for the beginner and intermediate violin players.

They make use of the best quality woods and materials, and they are a brand that takes quality very seriously. They boast of just 22 reliable staff in charge of quality control, and you can rest assured of a great product when you purchase it.

Talking about making a quality purchase, you should check out the Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin. This violin costs about $300, and it is a great investment for the beginner or intermediate student.


? Stentor is one great violin brand known for its string market in the student and beginner section. Their products are cheap and are usually less than $200.

Players rely on their product quality because each of their products is properly built and are reliable in any situation a beginner or student might find their self. One of the popular products among students is the Stentor Student I Violin.

It is known for its quality fingerboard and pegs. Intermediate students are not left out. There is a special one for them too called the Stentor Student II Violin. It is a great violin with a lot of wonderful features and tone.


? This is another popular brand among beginners and intermediates. Its products are made with the best craftsmanship and quality. Its violins for students come with unique pegs to make tuning efficient and easier – this is one of the reasons why the Knilling brand is one of the best in the industry.

Their tuning pegs are made for perfection, and they are nothing like the regular friction tuning pegs of most other brands. The pegs work with a 4:1 ratio gear to ensure that tuning is precise and faster — violins with features like this are usually a bit pricey, but not more than a student can afford.


? Mendini is one of the best brands for beginner and intermediate violinists. A vast majority of their products are factory made, and they are made affordable for students.

These student line of violins are usually about $200 or less, and this makes an affordable investment for students. The low price might scare some students, but it is safe to say that the Mendini brand of violins focus on making durable products that you can rely on whenever and wherever you play.

The only things you have to replace is the strings, and this is the same for all brands of violins. You have to change strings often to ensure the tone quality remains the same. The only catch is that the strings that come with the Mendini Violin aren’t as good in quality as that of other brands.


Violin Brands Conclusion

Violin brands are really putting a lot of efforts to meet the needs of all levels of violin players. This is why purchasing a beginner violin is still as exciting as purchasing a professional accessory.

The only set back is that not all students buy the idea of using beginner equipment – they feel that using professional equipment would make them improve faster and adapt quickly to a professional atmosphere during play.

However, it’s important to note that these brands mentioned above are the best in the industry today, and you can rely on any one of their products at any time. Just ensure to take a lot of advice from the instructor on the brand to choose – it is very likely that it is one of the brands mentioned above.



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