Squier Bronco Bass Guitar in Torino Red – Truely A Fender Masterpiece…

The Bronco electric bass guitars are known for its great sound output and design….

Fender knows how to put together the best guitars for excellent performance, high-quality materials and a lavish design all with a very affordable price tag…


Squier Bronco Bass guitar This in-depth review will take you through the Squier Bronco Bass Guitar by Fender where we will outline the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if this electric bass guitar is the one for you.


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Looking for a great quality affordable bass guitar without Compromising on the quality?

This Bass Is The Recommended Choice…


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If you wish to make some great music and add your own style to it, you may try the Fender Squier Bronco Bass guitar.

Playing this great bass will give you a whole different sensation, unlike many of the other bass guitars on the market that will only have a normal output when you play your songs.

This guitar is the beautiful creation that can make everyone transcend into another dimension upon listening to every lovely note.


The Squier Bronco Bass Main Features

Weight: 9.8 pounds for convenient handling during the band rehearsals or even practice in every break time.
Type: short-scale, 30’’ bass for easy usage
Material type: high-quality solid wood
Dimensions: 51.5 inches as the length, 15.2 inches as the width, and 4 inches as the height of the bass guitar


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The Squier Bronco Bass Description

Fender Bronco Bass is a guitar that comprises of one single-coil pickup, die-cast tuners, a maple neck, and a solid agathis body. This body is a gloss polyurethane finish, the thing that shows the sophistication of the guitar.

You can tune in a relaxed manner while it also gives some rich and full sounds while strumming your songs. You can hear the beauty from the four strings, its light gauge, and two-saddle chrome as the guitar bridge system.

You may also regulate the sounds with volume control and one tone control.



Squier Bronco Bass guitar

squire bronco bass fender



Squier Bronco Bass  Pros

  • Easy to handle due to less weight and complexity of the material
  • Durability – also commendable for a long-term and repeatable usage
  • Appearance – C-shaped bass guitar with maple fingerboard
  • Affordable – offers the most reasonable price at the samples
  • Features – gives a vintage impression to the handler



The Squier Bronco Bass Video Review



The Fender Bronco Bass Materials

The guitar is a material with C-shaped pattern and 19 medium jumbo frets of the maple fingerboard with four nickel strings and light as the string gauge. If you want a retro look, you can use it with your old costumes while you start to perform the set list in your schedule or the free concerts around the campus.


Who Is The Fender Bronco Bass For?

This product is perfect for people who want to play a bass and beginner guitarists in a new band. Smaller players must also try this guitar as it can make everyone feel the short-scale type.

The guitar looks like the best preference for everyone and belongs to the musicians who must come for the first time in an event and finally achieve the goal of the recognition of the country for your good deeds.


The Squier Bronco Bass Guitar Gallery Pics


Squier Bronco Bass Guitar, Torino Red

Musicians will always choose to use the most convenient musical instruments to make them feel good when they enter the stage.

If you decide to use it in your rehearsals and the gig in a concert, you can lend it even though there might be destructions along the way. You can never let the music get expensive through achieving the high-quality sounds.

You can finally experience it through this bass guitar as it gives the opportunity to the musicians to play their magical songs and sing it to the world.

If you want to try showcasing your skills or finding another talent for yourself, you can avail the Fender Bronco Bass guitar right now. You can let the world discover the wonderful feeling of the sounds and musical notes that it can create all over our heads.



Verified Customer Reviews

A True BEGINNER’s Bass?


Sure, you can spend an extra thousand dollars or more for a “professional” bass. But in terms of quality, it’s only going to be 5% better than this one. I am blown away by this thing! To say that it exceeded my expectations is a massive understatement. I could not be happier.



Great Value and Great Sounding Jazz Bass !!

I am very happy with this purchase. As someone who always wanted to learn to play, I finally took the plunge and bought this bass after researching my options on a low budget. While the price is low, this is not “cheap junk”, it is a great starter bass.

The tone from this bass is very good, better than I was expecting.




Squier Bronco Bass Guitar, Torino Red


Squier Bronco Bass 1


squire bronco bass fender


The Squier Bronco Bass Guitar Review Conclusion

A true masterpiece and probably one of the best beginner bass guitars on the market today!

✅ Easy to play, ✅ Great weight to size ratio, ✅ Very affordable price tag…

All the necessities a beginner guitarist needs in a high-quality bass, hundreds of positive reviews by beginners and pros alike.

We highly recommend this Squire Bronco Bass Guitar…




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