The Bunnel Premier Violin by Kennedy – The Best Choice for the Beginner Violinist At An Exceptional Price…

bunnel premier violinThis in-depth review will take you through The Bunnel Premier Pupil Violin – Full Size where we will outline the main advantages that come with this instrument, so you can decide for yourself if this Bunnel Violin is the one for you.

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Looking for a great quality affordable high-quality Violin without Compromising on the quality?

This Bunnel Premier Violin Is The Recommended Choice…

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The Bunnel Premier Violin Product Description

A beautifully crafted and one of the highest rated beginner violins made from high-quality materials.

Stringed instruments from Kennedy Violins are known for both high-quality sound and durability. Kennedy showcases a series of hand-crafted violins which are suitable for pros as well as the beginner musician.


The Bunnel Premier Violin Video Review


The Bunnel Premier Violin Review

The violins are pre-assembled in the US and ready to play straight out of the box. The company boasts of punctual delivery of standard violins that mesmerizes the artist with the perfect harmonics.

The Bunnel Premier Violin is the updated version of the Bunnel Pupil violin.

The structure is carved out of premium quality wood that introduces depth into music. High-end violins are coated with a specific oil that maintains a consistent and standard tone of the instrument.

Majority of the retailers who polish the body of the instrument with a thick and shiny substance that interferes with the sound produced by the violin. The oil finish by Kennedy Violins is done manually which brings out a professional look and the best possible tone of the instrument.
Bunnel Premier is a violin recommended for beginners.

It is easy to handle and experts believe that learning to play on a good instrument has a positive effect on the musician. The carefully designed structure and the unique fittings of the violin create the perfect pitch desired by every musician.

With a dedicated team, every violin is pre-assembled by a professional team of Luthiers in order to ensure the perfect fitting for this intricate instrument.


The Assembly of the Bunnel Premier Violin

What does the team of Luthiers do you may ask yourself?

Well, they include:

  • Polishing the fretboard.
  • Fitting of the pegs.
  • Shaping-up the nut to standard curvature.
  • Arching of the bridge for perfect harmonics.

The assembly is followed by a close inspection and testing before shipping to the customers. A majority of the online retailer’s ship violins that are not assembled or tuned, unlike Kennedy Violins.

The Bunnel Premier Pupil Violin



The Bunnel Premier Violins Main Features

An insight into the features of the violin is necessary for better understanding of its uniqueness.

✅ The Bunnel Premier comes with advanced features which include four in-built industry grade tuners for the composite tailpiece.

✅ The chassis is built from maple and spruce found in the Himalayan Ranges.

✅ The complete process starting from manufacturing to assembly is done manually by skilled luthiers.



The Bow

The Bunnel Premier Pupil Violin Bow

One other very important piece to every violin which has a direct effect on the handling and sound is the Bow.

Let’s take a look at the features of this specially designed Giuliani bow.

✅ The use of Mongolian horse hair and the ebony frog provides perfect balance and improves the longevity of the instrument.
✅ The round bow shaft is made of Brazilwood which is known for being sturdy and corrosion resistant.
✅ The bow comes with a black leather grip and an Abalone bow slide.




The Accessories Included In

The Bunnel Premier Violin Package

✅ High-Quality Shoulder Rest (3/4-4/4), Portland Acoustical Shoulder Rest (1/8-1/2), or Contoured Shoulder Cushion for 1/16 and 1/10 sizes
✅ Pre-installed steel-core D’Addario Prelude Strings
✅ Additional full set of Portland Violin Strings
✅ Intro to Violin beginners book
✅ Giuliani Rosin

✅ Clip-on Tuner

The Bunnel Premier Violin Gallery Pictures






Some of The Bunnel Premier Violin Advantages

  • bunnel violin caseThe case comes with two bow holders that can rotate.
  • To ensure the safety of the violin, two high-quality Velcro’s are used to hold firmly hold the violin.
  • The case has an in-built hygrometer that measures humidity in the vicinity as it can affect the performance of the violin.
  • With extra compartments, storage of strings, straps, and other accessories never become a problem.
  • The case is designed to be carried to places with ease as it has two straps that come around the chest and over the shoulder. A loose protective cloth to cover the violin is included in the package.
  • Lastly, the outer cover of the case is composed of nylon fabric which is waterproof.



Verified Customer Reviews

Beautiful Violin–Excellent Customer Service

This is a beautiful violin and comes with everything you need to begin playing immediately. For the last year, I have had the desire to begin learning the violin. I had never even touched a violin, until I ordered and received my new violin from Kennedy. I first heard of Kennedy after perusing the Amazon website and was impressed with the number of positive reviews. On Amazon, I looked at both “Kennedy Bunnel Basic Clearance Violin” and the “Bunnel G2 Violin Outfit”.

If you are looking for a violin that has a great sound and don’t mind some cosmetic issues, the Bunnel Basic is a fantastic deal.” I took their advice and bought the Bunnel Basic Clearance Violin. I couldn’t be happier! I looked at the Kennedy website for general information (lots of good info!), YouTube videos to begin learning the basics of playing, and I just had my second violin lesson with my violin teacher last night.

If you’re a beginner—or if you’re not—don’t hesitate to buy your violin from Kennedy! I’m very happy that I did!

Very pleased so far

I purchased this violin for my 12 yr old daughter. It arrived promptly and in excellent condition. All I had to do was adjust the fine tuners slightly, and rosin up the bow. She has practiced on it twice, and I still have not needed to touch the pegs. Stays in tune. She loves the case because the straps allow her to wear as a backpack.

The sound is much better than I thought it would be; it is very deep and loud when compared to my violin I have been playing for over 30 years. If you are considering making this purchase you should add it to your cart with confidence.

Perfect for my 11-year-old daughter!

This is the second violin I bought for my 11 year old daughter as a birthday gift. The first one I bought two years ago, was from other brand, very basic, not full size, it was okay for beginners, just getting familiar with this musical instrument.

As she gets better with her skill, it’s time to get a full size one, so I did some research. I ended up with this violin. WOW, it sounds much better and louder! And I don’t have to tune it every time she uses it. It’s a “Clearance” item, because the handle part has no paint. This is perfect for my daughter who needs an upgrade. This is truly what you get for what you paid (in good way).

I’d highly recommended for anyone in my situation.


The Bunnel Premier Violin Conclusion

✅ ✅ ✅ The Bunnel Premier Violin has amazing features and has proved to be one of the best violins in the market, it is an excellent violin producing great sounds and comes in at a great affordable price. ✅ ✅ ✅

Considering the features, it is priced modestly and comes with a warranty which is rarely claimed. The beautiful piece of art is easy to position and play and best suited for the beginner violinists.

We have taken a look at many violins and have reviewed a few. This is the only stringed instruments that we have encountered which are backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee and an unbelievable lifetime warranty.



I guess that says it all……

Bunnel Premier Clearance Student Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size RB360